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Our Very Own ‘Nitisha’ Gets Eve-Teased By A Stranger And Here’s How She Reacts

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  •  January 12, 2016


As a women’s blog, we bring into light the wrong-doings happening with women along with the stories of empowered women.  And here, one of our creative writers were harassed by a man over the phone.

While most would refrain from filing a complaint against such a man, thinking, “Why to waste time and energy”, our very own Nitisha decided to fight against the offender.

Here’s what happened:

It was 10.45 pm, and I was just getting ready for bed. When I first saw his number flashing on my screen, I didn’t receive it because I was on another call and plus, it was an unknown number. He called me again a couple of times, and I finally attended it.

Me: Hello? Who is this?

Stranger: Who are you? May I know your name? 

Me: Why do you want to know my name?

Stranger: Because I like your voice.

Me: It’s 11 p.m., and I just want to sleep; please stop bothering me. Tell me your name.

Stranger: Why are you so angry?

Me: See, tell me if you’re a friend. Because if I file a complaint, it isn’t my responsibility.

Stranger: Sure, go ahead.

After the conversation, he sent me these messages.

Nitisha: Just tell me who you are or I’ll inform the police.

Stranger: Sure, do what you want.

He was so confident probably because he’d dealt with such “incidents” in the past.

I called the Mahila Helpline number and filed a complaint. When I reached the police station, there were two people who were handling my case, a male police officer and “Beena” ji, who was the in-charge of the Mahila (women’s) department.

The officer offered his ‘advice’.

“You should’ve called him bhaiya on the phone and said I’m your sister.”

I said, “Such people aren’t worthy of being called Bhaiya”.

He added, “Why do you want to go through so much pain? Nowadays phone numbers get blacklisted. “

I responded, “So what? What if he’s following me?”

Beena Ji: I’ll help her. Such people should be brought here and beaten. And we’ll do it in front of his Big Shot relatives.

I was made comfortable at the police station and didn’t feel nervous because Beena Ma’am, the in-charge of Mahila Police Desk, Sodala was with me.

Beena: Girls are scared for no reason. They should come forward and file complaints against such cases. We’re here to help them. They just have to take the first step. 

We applaud women like Beena ji

If any of you is being stalked, or eve-teased, you can call the Mahila Helpline number:


Jaipur Women Blog is proud of Nitisha for being brave enough to walk into the police station well-determined to get justice!

PS – Here’s what happens when you stand strong against the wrong.

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