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Jayati Godhawat

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This Weekend JWB Girls Learn DIYs For Room Decor

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  •  January 18, 2016


While we were racking our brains for the next JWB weekend adventure, Komal came up with a brilliant idea. She suggested why not learn DIYs for decorating our bedrooms. It would be fun, and we’ll get something for our rooms too. Yay!

Thus, we landed on visiting Shreya. Her house is a tapestry of DIY stuff. Needless to say, most of the crafts are created by her.

So as decided, we marched to her place along with Lavanya, our blogger-in-chief. Aah!!! We begged and dragged her to come with us *victory dance*. Considering her persistent ill health, she missed some fun with us, and we had missed her a lot more.

We had just seated ourselves, and Shreya’s mother brought us a tray full of sweets and namkeens. Our eyes lit up, and we forgot about the activity and began gorging up like we’d been released from a hunger strike

P.S. We had gone to her place right after our lunch activity with the Rays children. Us Bhukkad bunch!

While we were busy devouring, Aashi and Shreya started with the cutting cute little glitter hearts and glued them to a string.


Oh wow, simple and pretty! And it looked so elegant on the wall. Surely, gonna try it.

After snatching and gobbling the bikaneri bhujia, Komal realised why we were actually there, and after much discussion decided that she wanted to make Tissue Paper Flowers.

Yes, I and Lavanya were still busy with the Gajaks.


Lavanya: So do you do this professionally? Did you do any course?

Shreya: No, I do this in my free time. I have done C.S., and pursuing LLB. I am currently working with However, I love sketching, photography and decorating my room. It’s like a stress buster for me.

One of the sketches made by Shreya


Lavanya: *shocked* still munching, What? Then how do you make all this stuff?


Shreya:  I look up to the internet or magazines for ideas and sometimes just experiment with the stuff I have. I also make things from waste materials.

Lavanya: Wow, Shreya!

So Lavanya tried her hand with the DIY pen holder made out of empty tissue rolls and cardboard. She covered the rolls and the cardboard with different printed sheets and glued them vertically on the cardboard.



Supercool idea, bro! Isn’t it?

Komal was still trying hard to get the flowers right, and Shreya tried once again to show how it’s done.



Shreya: Just make pleats out of the tissue paper, tie a thread in the middle and then spread them like this.

Komal and Shreya

Komal: *sarcastic smile* Done? I know how to do it! Give it to me.


Look at the mess she made *sticking out my tongue*. Ha-ha!

Well, I think Komal saw me mocking her and cursed my hands as I struggled and failed miserably at my DIY Thread Heart on a wooden block.


I hammered with much difficulty the nails on a wooden block to make the shape of a heart.

Shreya taught me how to circle the thread on each nail, consecutively from one nail to other. I thought it to be easy and quickly got into action. But, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed and, demanded precision and patience. *covering my eyes out of embarrassment*

Yes, Lavanya had her eyes fixed on my wooden block.


Like this, throughout.

Lavanya and Shreya

And she very cleverly asked Shreya to show it to her once. And there went my heart. *sob*

But, the final product came out perfect. And I hurriedly wrapped it and kept it in my bag, away from Lovy’s eyes.


We all had completed our things and resumed with the refilled gajaks while Komal was still wrestling with the flowers. Only when Shreya meddled, was it complete, and I must say, it looked beautiful. She said it could be arranged in a vase with sticks or hanged on the wall on a string.

Jayati and Shreya

We were having so much fun that we lost track of time. We wanted to learn so many more things, especially those wool lights. But off we went until next time.

Do try theses fun DIY’s at home and don’t forget to share their pics with us.

Ok bye!

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