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Priya Motiani


Pictures Of This Labrador Embracing Motherhood Will Overwhelm You!

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  •  March 29, 2016


There is a reason this photo series by , about the journey of a female from pregnancy to delivery to motherhood, is spreading like a wildfire on the internet – it is about her very own pet Labrador Iris.

Iris’s home is not only midst the concrete house of the sister-duo Karishma and Shreya Shetty, but also and more so, is in their hearts. Which is why, both the sisters cared for her and loved her during her journey to motherhood just like anyone would have cared for a pregnant woman.

“We adopted Iris when she was 45 days old. Her beauty and grace inspired me to document her journey to motherhood even though she’s always going to be our little baby. I wasn’t sure if I’d like to put these pictures up as they were extremely personal to us but then I wanted to give a little insight into everything we as a family went through and that is what Iris’s journey has been,” said Shreya.

Though Iris had a miscarriage the first time she got pregnant, her second pregnancy led her to become a mother of 6 utterly endearing pups.

We are having a hard time here deciding what’s more adorable? The six little puppies Iris gave birth to or the names that have been given to them by the sister-duo.

Say hi to Auro, Bruno, Cierra, Daniel, Edgar, and Fiona.

Here’s the whole album. Make sure to read the captions as you scroll by the jaw-droppingly beautiful pictures.

She’s the rainbow in our gloomy days. She is hope, beauty and miracle.She has always brought us happiness and…

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PS: We LOVE the album description:

She’s the rainbow in our gloomy days. 
She is hope, beauty and miracle.
She has always brought us happiness and love.

This is the story of our baby who transformed from a notorious little pooch to the Queen that she is…
From a baby, to a Mother and back to being our baby.
This one’s for Iris.

In a world where compassion and benevolence have become such rare virtues, Shreya and Karishma’s affection for a mute non-human comes across as a pleasing breeze.

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