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Revealed: Easy Tips For Becoming The Most Sanskari Girl In The Society

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  •  February 20, 2016


Tired of the incessant taunts by the family to be the ‘Ideal’/ ‘Sanskari’ woman? Know what is it to be like the one? Here’s a perfect guide to brush up your sanskaars and tameez to transform you into the Alok Nath Kinda Sanskaari Ladki.

  1. Clothing

Dress ‘decently’. Dress ‘traditionally’. Don’t doubt your culture, traditions or customs. Don’t try finding reasons or logic behind. ‘Good’ girls quietly abide, and dress up as required, to maintain the utmost ‘values’ of the family.

  1. Respect

Because there’s no other way to show respect to elders without that humble bow, lowered eyes, folded hands, and a low-voiced ‘Namaste/Pranam’. By this, prove the world that you are the most ‘suitable sanskari girl’ in the world.

  1. Skills

Hey, girl, understand that your degrees or education is only limited to your bio-data, but possessing skills like cooking, sewing, washing, cleaning, etc. will help you get through life. So get real, ditch those books, and start first with the kitchen, for good food is the way to a man’s heart.

  1. Elegance

You can’t be an ‘ideal’ girl if you laugh so loud, walk so fast, sit with legs apart, or talk so much. So please keep in check your manners.

  1. Politeness

The world of your relatives/ elderly people may curse you, say shit about you, taunts you or gives those evil looks to you for no apparent reason; a sanskaari girl should never lose her cool. Always be polite, coat your tongue in honey and utter only sweet words.

  1. Smiling

Only being polite is not enough, you have to maintain that lovely smile (not too tight-lipped, not too wide) throughout the time with the elders/ relatives.

  1. Men

Please adhere to this point strictly. It’s for your good. Stay away from stranger boys and men. You don’t know their intentions. But, there’s an exception here. There’s one stranger boy that we’ll choose to be your husband, and you will have to sleep with him. No tantrums for that. Understood?

  1. Language

Cursing or swearing is out of the question, even if you hear such swearing words, go and wash yourself with some Gangajal. 

  1. Shyness

No one should ever know that you are too female with monthly periods or breasts. Always hide your pads in a newspaper or black polyethene and never buy bras alone. Take your mom with you, stand behind them with lowered eyes and just nod to any bra your mom chooses for you. Shying away is the best feature of a suitable girl.

So, follow these steps and you’ll be the most eligible girl in your Biradari. Good Luck!

9 Simple Ways To Become The Perfect Sanskari Woman

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