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Ritu Kedia: Only clock ticking is your biological clock, don’t delay marriage & motherhood!

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  •  January 11, 2016


How women are reinventing businesses is a whole new story. I met Ritu Kedia, a Kolkata-based artist, who is married in Jaipur for more than 20 years now. But Ritu’s name is not just about a fashion boutique, she is the Jaipur Chairperson of All Women’s League, an upcoming networking platform for Indian women.

While in conversation with her, she delivered some inspiring talks that I have taken back as my life lessons. Read the excerpts from my chat with her, who knows maybe you will end up fixing few points in your diary. [Note: The poems inserted in the article are Ritu’s own]

Everything has it’s time, don’t rush


Enjoy each stage that life puts you in. Don’t plan or else you will keep fighting with yourself. When I got married, I had absolutely no plans. I came to Jaipur with an open heart. Guess what, I began handling the family business from the second day itself! I never planned that, neither my new family forced me to do so. It just happened. And today, I am proud to say how successfully we have been running fashion and lifestyle stores across the country. Enjoy being a daughter, a daughter-in-law, mother, what’s the hurry, girl?

Don't Worry Be Happy....
When you feel life is depressing, 
Sit down and count your blessings. 
When you are sick n feel distressed, 
Think of the millions whose illness cannot be addressed. 
When you feel low cause you can't buy a designer bag,
Think of those who do not even have a rag.
So...Don't Worry Be Happy. 
Feel blessed that all your limbs are intact, 
Many don't have them..and that's a fact .
We complain about our people often,
Not realising that there are so many who are orphans.
Our insecurities don't let us sleep, 
With no security, many fall into slumber deep.
So...Don't Worry Be Happy.


The only clock tickling is your biological clock, don’t delay marriage and motherhood

Marrying at the right time is sensible. Challenging the science to get you a baby at 40 is not very reasonable. Women do so because they think the child is a full stop to their career. Trust me, it’s not. It may be a comma, but not a full stop. Look at me! I am 45 and still rollin’! I have a dream to study a designing course in London, and I know I will do it sooner or later.

Find your BFF in the family


My husband is my best friend and so, it feels easier to turn your head, find him and blabber what is there in your heart. I don’t have to wait to pick my phone, call someone, wait till he/she receives, and says a ‘hello’. Ugh, by this time, I swear I would already be over my problem. Having a friend-husband is great. We take care of the family together, argue on silly issues, solve things, party hard and enjoy evening teas sitting in our green lawn. However, you know why else this relationship is a success because he is not insecure of my success.

Those were the days my friend...
I hoped they'd never end,
When relationships were synonymous with lifetime,
And having values was not considered a crime,
When goodness was reciprocated with gratitude,
And people up there had no attitude,
You were not uncool if you had no vices,
In fact it was supposed be a crisis, 
Those were the days my friend...
I hoped they'd never end,
When money could not buy relations, 
And was based on mutual admiration, 
When a friend was one who showed you the mirror,
Yet not making you feel inferior,
When people thought with practicality, And there was no herd mentality, 
Those were the days my friend....
I hoped they'd never end.

If not from within the family, make sure to bond with right-minded people outside your home

Women are not about gossiping and enjoying kitty parties, for God’s sake! I have formed this group called ‘Sahyog’ which has 20 women as its members. Every month we collect a sum of Rs. 1,500 each and buy utility products for underprivileged ones. This is another kind of friendship that I value in my life. The women, who are a part of All Women’s League, are wonderful. Since it’s a no-fee organization, we precisely select who can be a part of this team. Currently, we have got 96 truly talented and willing women. All of us gather once in a month to learn something new. We invite guests to speak on various issues, we go for heritage walks, we discuss how to inculcate spirituality into one’s business, and much more! With these two groups, my life is expanding in the right direction.

Keep a check on NOT your kids but your parenting tactics


My son has got his manners in place. My husband and I don’t believe in cutting out the elderly ones during family outings and get-togethers. If we’re going to watch a movie, my mother-in-law is a part of it. If we’re going out for a meal, we make sure she joins us. Our son is learning from what he’s watching since his younger age.

Penned down my fourth one...
It's now or never...
Let's bring the change we wanted forever.
Everyone is found complaining,
That our society seems to be ailing.
Love n loyalty is decreasing,
Because human insecurity is increasing .
Lack of something makes us bitter,
Especially if it is less than our closest competitor.
Ethics n values have gone for a toss,
At the end of it , it's everybody's loss.
Relations have become a mathematical calculation ,
It's no more about the heart but value addition .
Funniest of all...we think we are at the receiving end,
Little realising our own intent.
So.. It's now or never,
Let's bring the change we wanted forever.

Inspiring, eh?

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