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The “Gitais” ChEAT Their Apple Pie With Aditi Mehrotra

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  •  November 16, 2015

Dear Delicious Food,

I’m sorry, it’s not working anymore. I think it’s only fair that we part our ways… My family is forcing me to tie the knot with “diet friendly food”, and they know what the best for me is! Even though I wish I could find a way for us to be together, I see there’s no escape.

Good bye,

Love, Foodie.

Is that you, by any chance? We have a cupid for you who will make you fall in love with delicious food again! Yes, we’re talking about Dietician Aditi Mehrotra! Our awesome dietition is regularly quoted for her nutritional views in Readers Digest, Femina, The Hindu etc. Aditi kindly agreed to host “ChEAT With Aditi” for us this World Diabetes Month!

You remember we met family number one, The Taks, whose diet habits were analyzed by Aditi?

So it was finally time for us to meet the family number two!

We met the Gitais whose lifestyles entirely differ from the family number one! Well, that’s going to add to the fun!

As we reached their place, we were greeted by their two tiny dogs. I’ll call them Ms. Friendly and Ms. Introvert. So, while Miss Friendly licked onto my left hand, Ms. Introvert observed from a safe distance.

Mrs. And Mr. Gitai is a working couple who rarely spend time in the kitchen!

They are a laidback couple who do keep a check on their health! They avoid oily and spicy foods, and our dietician has prepared the perfect analysis for them! Here’s what Aditi has to say:

“The Gitais are a busy family! Sunanda has a strict 9 to 5 job. They have a twenty year old daughter and seventeen year old son. Sunanda and her kids are non-vegetarian by choice. Anurag, the family head, however, is a vegetarian. Their nutritional demands differ but they haven’t been recognized. The family depends on their maid for dinner. Sunanda eats at work, and Anurag calls for a tiffin. That’s what lunch is all about. The Gitais come home to an evening tea-time snack prepared by the maid that range from fried to healthy options. Due to their busy schedule, they barely find time to organize elaborate dinners and lunches. They specified two dinners that are usually organized every year – New Year’s Eve and Sunanda’s birthday on January 13th! Theirs is a typical family being run by a working woman who seldom finds time to manage meals for her family members. She is really good at baking apple pies, though. They have frequent impromptu unplanned getaways to destinations they can drive down to, and then they come back feeling refreshed.

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