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Ayushi Agarwal

JWB Blogger

The “Indian” Tinder For Desi Men Hilariously & Sadly Points Towards The Truth

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  •  April 13, 2016


Tinder is the fastest growing dating app in today’s times. But, Tinder for Indian men has been a mixed bag of rejections and creepy messages.

Rajesh Rajamani, a Chennai-based ex-banker, has captured the essence of Tinder for Indian men on his web-comic page 

The loading screen of the re-imagined page looks like this:


Tinder spoofs aren’t a new thing but representing traditional Indian matrimonial stereotypes makes this web-comic standout. The series uses vintage Ravi Varma and Kalighat paintings as different images and the cumulative effect on the comic is incredible. The choice of the paintings elevates the satire of the images.

It starts with being sure that your caste and the girl’s hymen stays intact.


Because you only want subservient women who are good at chulha-chauka only.



Kundli milna zaroori hai yaar.


But Indian men just can’t resist creeping out the match on Tinder. WHY WOULDN’T SHE REPLY GODDAMNIT?


Let’s hope you get swiped right by a sanskaari woman soon. Till then swipe what your tinder gives you.

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