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Komal Panwar


Jaipur Girl Finds CCTV Camera In An Apparel Store Trial Room

  • JWB Post
  •  April 8, 2016


As Ms. Fatasstic said, shopping is one of the most fulfilling experiences for a girl. If such an experience is violated ‘personally’, it just reminds us how some lewd men are distorting the face of humanity.

A trial room in the JORSS apparel store at GT Central was ‘beautifully’ accessorized with a CCTV camera. A young girl was shocked to see it when she was changing. She immediately filed a complaint with the police station. The owner of the shop and three more people have been arrested. The mall authority said, “We have terminated our contract with the store and have issued them a notice to vacate the premises immediately.”

Sadly, we don’t know how many of such cases go unreported, or how many cameras are not even spotted!

The security systems of the malls should be strengthened, and camera placement in trial rooms should be thoroughly checked.

The police should enforce a team dedicated to raiding malls with surprise visits.

Who knows, if not through cameras, there could be a two-way mirror in the changing room.

Meanwhile, women, read these ways in which you can protect yourselves in public trial rooms.

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