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These 14 Confessions Of Real People On Arranged Marriages Is An Eye-Opener

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  •  February 18, 2016


Weddings are no joke, says every human being on this planet. In a country like ours, it is taken as the ‘most important’ responsibility to find a match for our sons, daughters, chachas, bhatijas, bhanjas, mausis, etc.

Everyone wants a soulmate, yes. Our country believes in kundli milap, gun milap, in short arranged marriages. Here are some confessions of people which tells us how they think of an arranged marriage. Clearly, it’s not always pretty.

Well, yeah. Go ahead for arranged marriages if you don’t mind. But, I never understand how parents manage to force their children into it and are absolute victims of the belief that ‘inter-caste’ marriages are a big black spot on their clean image.

Here are some confessions of people which tell us how they think of an arranged marriage. Clearly, it’s not always pretty.


Its been more than 9moths to my arranged marriage. I still haven't fallen in love with her. And I'm worried about it.


I feel I may be a lesbian. But if I stay here I won't be able to even find out....because I would be forced to be happy in an arranged marriage.


I need a best friend for a wife... Not an arranged marriage by my parents.


Sometimes.. You are forced to get married... Without your will... And it ruins marriage too


I'm a 23yr old guy. My parents want me to have an arranged marriage. I've never been in a relationship before and I want to fall in love. But I don't want to betray my parents either! I don't know what to do


My parents had an arranged marriage. They fight all the bloody time. It's been 25 years and that hasn't changed. My greatest fear is that I'm destined to have a married life like them and it scares me


I visited a girl yesterday first time for arranged marriage and today i m in love with her...i am feeling terrific


I was having an arranged marriage and due to some reason my family decided to call it off! I am secretly ecstatic, thrilled and can't stop grinning!! :) I never really liked the guy to begin with!


I'm not afraid of marriage or relationships but, arranged marriages terrify me


I have lost the hope to find someone. I guess I will just have to settle with arranged marriage.


Im afraid I'll never meet


Relationship in India: get arranged married because of tradition. Or... get arranged married because you're too busy for finding someone.


I feel like I'll never have a girlfriend and would most probably be having an arranged marriage. :-( :-(


I think arranged marriage is a social evil


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