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Priya Motiani


These Quotes By Kajol Make Us Adore Her Even More!

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  •  December 23, 2015


Kajol is one effervescent woman! With an honesty that is disarming and a spark that is never-fading, she continues to be the unconventional celebrity that she is, by shattering to smithereens many of B-town’s dogmatic perceptions.

Be it not conforming to the supposed beauty ideals, or be it demanding fleshy roles which are otherwise awarded to the males, she is fearless. And this interview of hers makes us adore her even more!

Read our favorite snippets and tell us about yours!

“I’m picky; I’ve done very little work compared to my peers. But I can’t work on three films a year. I’ve never felt comfortable doing that. I need that time out, to look at my kids, go to sleep with them and wake up with them, have breakfast with them. I love my kids, but I like them, too – I need their company to keep me grounded and rooted in every which way.”

“But somewhere down the line, you have to give them some leeway. They are in a different world – I cannot compare what my childhood was like with hers. We were way dumber at their age. We thought we were very smart, but we were very dumb. Fortunately for me, my daughter has always been a strong individual, with very strong likes and dislikes, and she is vocal about them.” (About her 12-year old daughter)

“You grow up. After a point, you get sick of running around the trees. There’s only so much thoughtlessness you can manage in your career – you have to be at that stage and in that frame of mind to do it. I often get: “Oh my God, why didn’t you take that part? The role was so good,” but if I can’t feel a character, if I can’t visualise that, then I’m not the right person for it.”

“I never gave a damn about what anyone said about me. I still don’t. I can’t afford to give in to that pressure. It would drive me insane and I would need to be locked up. I’m already mad and probably need locking up anyway!”

“Movies will always reflect what the audience wants and, as long as they want to see different kinds of films, different kinds of films will be made. I have no complaints.”

“Even if I do, I never give it. Advice is a little too free and easy around the world – everyone has to develop their own way. What I did when I was 18 years old is so different to what someone now might do.”

“I do consider myself a feminist, but I am contrary so I can also be considered the opposite. I believe in the equality of men and women, but I don’t object to chivalry. I believe in it; gender equality should not mean women should be ashamed to be feminine. I don’t believe men are made to rule the world, in the same way I don’t believe women should be doormats. But the stigma of not wanting to do things “like a man” or being made to feel stupid in traditional gender roles is dumb.”

What do you like about Kajol the most, tell us!

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