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Komal Panwar


This Husband Creates 365 Illustrations About His Love For His Wife In A Year

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  •  February 19, 2016


The most beautiful feeling in the world is love, and the easiest way to feel it is through simplicity. Don’t you agree? It isn’t a Prince Charming riding a white horse, and there isn’t really a Cinderella dreaming about you.

But yes, there’s that one perfect person, who puts all fairy tales to fail. This man, who’s clearly hopelessly in love with his wife, drew 365 illustrations over 365 days. Have a look at some of them, and bash on that nikamma partner of yours. Dear Mr. Future Baby Daddies, please take note.

Wiklund was inspired by Jordin, who was doing her 365-day photography project. “During that year, many people told us they felt like they got to know us better through the drawings like they were a peek into our personal life,” Wiklund writes on his website.

We did a lot of laughing today!

Almost my birthday!

Our trip home from Ikea

Dumb fight

My sleepy girl

My wife watched the season finale of Castle today

Onion cutting and Snowboarding goggles

Back-scratching as a sedative

When my wife is out of town, I forget to eat or sleep

I still learn something new about my wife everyday

Post-shower, pre-hairspray

Cold season

Our tree

I love her so much

Night time routine

She Read To Me, I Played Guitar For A While, And Then I Drew A Picture

We’re pregnant!

What should I draw? Us.

You’re still my Valentine!


Source: Bored Panda

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