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Komal Panwar


This Husband Plants A Fragrant Garden To Make His Blind Wife Smile

  • JWB Post
  •  February 20, 2016


Love is the strongest emotion in the world. This couple justifies the reason this statement is so true. This Japanese couple moved to a small village after they got married. They lived as farmers. But recently, due to being diabetic, the wife lost her eyesight.

Mrs. Kuroki can’t see anything. When her vision gave up on her, she became depressed and mostly stayed indoors. Mr. Kuroki was struggling to make her happy, and so he began planting scented flowers on the farm.

His hard work has finally paid off after two years of planting flowers.

The private farm now draws people who want to see this real life love story from all around the world.

She enjoys her fragrant flower garden.

And now she smiles every day!

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