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Too Many Against Kangana, Yet These Men Are Backing Her

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  •  May 4, 2016


The Hrithik-Kangana controversy is taking ugly turns every day.

In the last few days, Kangana’s ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman gave an interview where he put severe allegations against her. He used the words ‘witch’, ‘pschyopath’ and other demeaning words and alleged that she was physically abusive, insecure and practiced Black Magic. He also involved the name of her another ex, Aditya Pancholi.

Amidst the legal battle and everything in between, yesterday, Kangana Ranaut collected her third National Award for her performance in Tanu Weds Manu Returns.

It was reported that Amitabh Bachchan who was also present at the ceremony to collect his National Award, had a long chat with Kangana. It’s great to see  Amitabh embracing her for her achievements.

 It’s said that when you have your family by your side, you can win any battle. When Kangana’s parents were asked to comment on the raging controversy, their endearing replies proved that they are holding her back at all times.


“I am very happy. I am a proud father, and it is a matter of great pride,”  Amardeep Ranaut, Kangana’s dad.

“I am proud of her and her achievements. I am very happy that she is at the peak of her career and has got till here only with her hard work. The whole controversy is nonsense. We wouldn’t want to comment on it. Our lawyers will only talk about it. She is coming out stronger in these testing times,Asha Ranaut, Kangana’s mother

Also, in her interviews with India Today and NDTV, she opened up like never before on her success in the film industry, the ongoing legal spat, feminism, and other subjects.

On receiving the National Award:

“ My success is my sweet revenge against critics and controversy. Women can kill with success and sarcasm – why use hands? I have soft hands and a sharp mind.”

On being called with degrading names:

“If a woman is sexually active, she’s called a whore and if she’s “super-successful, she’s called a psychopath.”

On Sexism:

“Coming from a middle-class family, I can say that sexism and misogyny is a reality not just in Bollywood, but all across India. When a girl child is born, there is a sense of disappointment in the household. For way too long, women have refused to accept themselves. In the name of the witchhunt, women have been burnt alive.”

On being labeled as a ‘psychopath’ and ‘drug-addict:’

“I am not humiliated by that. It won’t work. I have great empathy for everyone who’s suffering from those conditions. It isn’t something that will make me feel bad as there is no shame or dishonour there. It baffles me that serious medical conditions can be used as accusatory terms.”

“Every attempt is being made to embarrass me. You can talk about my periods, don’t call it gross….there’s nothing in my life that can put me to shame! Attempts are being made to destroy my career, but they are not working…”  

On Bollywood’s support:

“I never expected anybody to stand for me in Bollywood. I have always stood up for myself. Why should anyone stand up for me?”

Kangana ended her interview by saying:

“I have followed my instincts, and it has been quite a roller coaster ride, but I feel that I am on the right track. My journey is from a remote village in Manali to where I am today, the Rashtrapati Bhavan. It has been an extraordinary journey. It has to have so many plot points. After all, every fairy tale has a villain.”

Amazing, isn’t it?

The whole battle is now a legal matter, and the court shall have the final decision. However, the spirit of the actress is indeed commendable and teaches a valuable lesson– No matter the mess, if you are positive, and you don’t give up, there’s nothing that can take down your spirit.


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