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Lavanya Bahuguna


Dude, These Girls At Bookaroo Lit Fest Have Some Serious Fashion Lessons For Us

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  •  May 3, 2016


We LOVED catching up with random fashionable strangers at Jaipur Literature Festival’16 to capture the kind of unique fashions they were confidently carrying around. At the first ever Jaipur edition of Bookaroo that took place last weekend at Jawahar Kala Kendra, we thought – Why Not?

So, in-between attending the sessions of interactive Storytellers, workshops of Illustrators and penning down the experiences of parents accompanying their kids, we made time to click the most fashionable kiddos we came across.

  1. Remember the 60s? The Twiggy’s era? The Mod fashion? The hemlines? Two of these girls whom we ran into clearly seemed inspired with that epoch. 

Remember we covered her on Day 1, as well? Those Princess Hairpins were cute as hell. She’s got it.

2. The next time you want to know How-to-dress-for-a-Polo-Match-and-get-away-with-book-reading, consult this little fashionista. With that Feathered Polo Hat, she is on point. Don’t miss those cat-eyed sunnies.

3. To fight the fierce heat, kids may not appreciate donning cotton-y palazzo pants and airy skirts like adults. Let their old friend, Denim, do the magic. Here, this recently turned teen chic is rocking the street style by adding accessories like a cap and well....that cool plaster full of wishes from her friends and family! 

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