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Himanshu Roy

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Why Do Men Underestimate Women In Classroom? Here’s The Answer

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  •  February 22, 2016


Do men underestimate women in the classroom? Well, according to a recent study that has been published in a scientific journal, the answer is in the affirmative. So what exactly is the reaction of students when they see the work of their peers and their performances in the classroom?

Is there a difference between the way a man is seen by his fellow students and how the capabilities of women are ascertained?

After surveying 1700 undergraduate students in three biology classes, it became quite evident to the researchers that there is indeed a different benchmark for measuring the performance of girl students than their male counterparts.

One of the avenues that were explored was that how much the students give ‘boost’ to their classmates. It means that how much appreciation and endorsement they have for someone in the class. During this research, it came into the foray that the male students had a gender bias which is 19 times more than female students.

Seriously how hard could it be to appreciate and acknowledge the wit and wisdom of female students? Or is it just that the very idea of a woman outdoing them in academics is completely unacceptable to men?

Moreover, all the popular students, who get the most number of endorsements and nominations can also be considered as the celebrities in the class, are also likely to be male.

As a general rule, the study also found that male students were generally more outspoken than women students but at the same time, the girls who demonstrated the same outspokenness could never be quite as popular as the boys.

At a time when women are excelling in pretty much every sphere of life, the study exposes that how deep-rooted is the gender bias against women that ultimately results in denying them the same number of opportunities as men, even though they are studying the same subject.

The study now hopes to use this information to find out solutions for countering this gender divide in academics. Based on the report, new methods will be devised, which will help in gender sensitization and to make people understand that such gender biases and unequal treatment of women have absolutely no place in a modern society.

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