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Ayushi Agarwal

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Bookaroo: Ajay Dasgupta & Rituparna Ghosh Kept Kids Hooked On Fiction

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  •  May 3, 2016


On a bright and sunny afternoon, Jawahar Kala Kendra hosted a one-of-a-kind children’s literature festival called “Bookaroo“. It was the second day of this amazingly thought-out event, and we were fortunate enough to witness an ever-increasing level of enthusiasm among small children and parents towards books and stories live!

At the ‘Kahaani Tree’, a horde of children sat cross-legged on the floor and intently listened to Ajay Dasgupta’s extremely well-spun stories. He narrated beautiful stories on friendship and teamwork with full force, in English and Hindi both.

The zeal with which he interacted with the children was heart-warming.

The most fascinating part of his stories was the ‘question’ with which they ended. He would ask that question to the children, and you could see how they fervently tried to come up with an answer. This kept them engaged and interested!

“One day, a king decided to go hunting in the forest. But, he did not return for days! However, no one in his family thought about going after him, since he was such a good hunter. They completely forgot about him! But one day, his youngest son asked “Mom, where is papa?”. After that, the family started getting worried and subsequently sent a search party comprising of his three sons in the forest.”

“They found the dead king lying on the ground. One of his sons magically gave him a heart, one gave him muscles, and one helped him breathe. So tell me, which one truly saved the king?”

The children had different views regarding the true winner. In the end, Ajay revealed that it was the king’s youngest child that saved him because he was the one who remembered him!”

He concluded by saying: “A person is not dead when he dies, he truly dies when gets forgotten.”

Pretty cool, right?

As Ajay took his exit, Rituparna Ghosh took the center stage.

Rituparna, the master story-teller, was dressed up as a cook who liked cooking stories more than the food itself. She presented herself as a Ruskin Bond’s “khansama” , who used to earlier work at Jim Corbett’s house. Yes, the famous hunter!

With a painted beard and a red “gamchha”, she narrated out “Tigers for dinner: Tall Tales by Ruskin Bond” in an Oscar-worthy performance! The “khansama” cooked up random stories surrounding Corbett’s rendezvous’ with the tigers in order to entertain little Rusty. I could have listened to her all day!

Her animated expressions, her crystal clear voice, and her fun-loving personality made the session extremely enjoyable for both children and their parents. She truly is an uninhibited story teller!



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