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From Fearing Public Speeches, Read Arushi Singhi’s Story Of Landing An Internship With The IIM United Nations

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  •  January 2, 2017


Everyone talks about human evolution like it’s no big deal but to see it unravel within you is a completely beautiful and different process altogether.

We sat down with Arushi Singhi, a Visual Communications student from ISDI Parsons, Mumbai and were riveted by the tales she told of how she conquered her fear of public speaking and landed a spectacular internship at Indian International Model United Nations.

For those of you unaware, IIMUN is the biggest educational organization in India and the world that equips students to deal with the current and past affairs in the most pragmatic way possible. IIMUN has conducted about 108 conferences around the globe with 3200 committees being stimulated there.

Our star for the evening, Arushi is not only interning here but was also blessed with the opportunity of being a Director General in a MUN conference held in Palace School, Jaipur in November recently.

What is the best and most challenging part of this internship?

The simple fact that I am doing this internship is the best part in itself. However, inviting celebrities to our conferences is a new and fun experience, too. Also, I look forward to the chance of interacting with various people during the three days of the conference. And after the conference has ended, the nostalgia that hits you is both precious and bittersweet.

The most challenging part is when we have to invite schools to attend our conferences. Since some schools have a strict rule of attending only 3 MUN’s annually or they have prior commitments, it becomes extremely difficult to gather adequate delegations at times.

What makes you want to go to the office everyday?

The people around me make my internship what it is. They are so helpful and inspiring and are only a call away when I need any kind of guidance.

“I have always had the propensity to organize events. Any responsibility that I take, I make sure that I do justice to it and that it is executed perfectly and smoothly. “

So, what does the IIMUN office look like from the inside? Is it as vibrant and novel as ours?

(I provided a vivid description of the JWB office and believe me, Arushi was very excited to come visit)

Well, we have cubicles. But the cherry on the cake is that we have a gaming room as well. To top it off, we have placards on each person’s table and these placards show an adjective that suits that person. For example, Mr. Bollywood. I, for that matter, do not have one yet since I am new and my cubicle is spotless and devoid of any playful title as of now.

“I am in college till 2:00 PM. And after that, I rush to the office and work until 6 or 7 in the evening. But it is my passion of organizing events that overrule the stress and exhaustion that both places induce. “

If you could relive one MUN experience, which one would it be and why?

IIMUN’16- Jaipur edition. It is very close to my heart since this is the first conference I organized on my own. Last year, I was aided by one of my talented seniors, Meher Salam. This one, however, is special because I regulated everything from the start to the end.

I was the Head of Journalism of International Press Committee in this very conference. Therefore, I conclude that a part of why it was Arushi’s  favorite conference is because of me. *chuckles*

Awesome! What were the challenges you faced in organizing this conference?

I had my exam right after the conference ended! And two days before the conference, I had two delegations backing out. That situation put me in a pickle. And, I strongly believe that even if you are a figure of authority and if you find yourself in a tricky situation, seek help. I did, too. I called Shubham Ramachandani, the Secretary General for this conference to take advice on many occasions. Although, most of the times, I did manage things on my own and that is what made it all the more special.

How did the idea of eliminating the Motion of Entertainment come about?

(Entertainment sessions are carefree breaks between the discussions in the committees that allow delegates and the Executive Board to relax, laugh and engage in various recreational activities. This lasts for a very short time, though)

We scrapped the idea of an Entertainment session because, at times, delegates get very offended by jokes made to only entertain. Plus, it’s only two days of the conference since the first day is spent in commencing the event and having the opening ceremony. Hence, to save time and give priority to crafting a well-thought-out resolution, we had to let the Entertainment session go.

“We have target meetings every week. We are given a target by our seniors, and we have to complete it within the span of a week.”

If you could be one person for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

Rishabh Shah, Founder and President of IIMUN! I really look up to him. It is because I know that at the end of the day, he will come up with a solution to a pressing problem. He also maintains an immaculate balance between being my strict senior and a helpful friend. Also, he is socializing and regulating IIMUN at the same time! He is everywhere, and I am in awe of how he does it all!

What is something that you feel passionately for and could hold lengthy discussions about?

Demonetization. Why is the public viewing it so negatively? At the end of the day, I have faith that something beneficial will come out of it. If there is another topic that I feel passionately for, it is women’s rights. It has been discussed intensely in MUNs but not enough, I feel.

“I like labeling myself as a feminist sometimes. Not all the time because some people literally lunge for your throat when you call yourself one. “

Any tips for speaking confidently in public that come exclusively from your experience?

I have always been a shy kid. I was not very vocal and would possibly run for the hills if asked to say something in front of my whole class. But IIMUN rectified this fear for me. Rishabh and Hardik Jain (Deputy President of IIMUN) have always propelled me forward and motivated me to the point that I left my fear behind and spoke eloquently.

“I remember my first MUN. I was teary eyed. I had no clue of what people were saying. But I think that it is the same with almost everyone, right? MUNs are meant to challenge you, force you out of your comfort zone and help you succeed in some way or the other.”

Why should someone participate in a MUN conference?

For starters, it helps you improve your general knowledge. It is beneficial not only for your college application but also in making you a brave person and an informed speaker. You may be shy and reluctant at first, but please know that MUNs offer many opportunities for you to become more motivated and aware in life.

Scenario Time!- As a Director General, you walk in a committee and observe that delegates are overly competitive with each other, how would you down this vibe and remind them that MUNs are not just about winning awards?

I would tell them to calm down and give others a chance to speak and establish their country’s stance as well. You thrive in competitive environments, I agree. But don’t suppress others with your arrogance or abundance of knowledge. In fact, at IIMUN, we make sure that we only appoint the kind of intellectual and mature Executive Board that already knows that EVERYONE should be given a chance to speak.

What surprises is IIMUN bringing in 2017?

In 2016, we traversed the globe by hosting conferences in New York, Japan, and Sri Lanka. And, we are hosting a conference in Dubai in 2017! We have a lot in store. You must wait and find out!

“As the generation of tomorrow, we have to be bold and come out and say what we want to say. Earlier, I would also never speak my mind, but that has changed.”

What do you have to say about the International Press Committee in MUNs?

It’s one of my favorite committees, and it helps to highlight what is happening in other committees as well. A newsletter is very instrumental to a MUN conference as the delegates have a chance of knowing what happens in places they cannot be physically present in!

Arushi is filled to the brim with her work and passion. At times, she may be overcome by the intensity of it all, but she manages to not be swayed by the waves and hold on! We wish her all the best and I can say with pride that she has been the best Director General I have had the chance to work with!

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