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JWB Overhears Mentor-Mentee Talks At The Global Mentoring Walk Jaipur’16

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  •  March 7, 2016


Jaipur Women celebrated International Women’s Day by walking together as a part of Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk 2016.

Archana Surana, the Flag Bearer of Jaipur for the walk, along with 200 women marched on a windy morning of March 5 in Central Park to empower women by paying it forward.

JWB already shared all the updates of the walk and also an exclusive interview of the Chief Guest, Shagun Chowdhary, an Indian Olympic Shooter.

Well, JWB marched along for one more reason. Yes, charge us guilty for eves-dropping!

But, we did it in best of intentions. *puppy face*

We were curious to know what mentor-mentee pairs were talking about. So, while walking, we overheard their discussions.

  1. Mentor Reeta Tyagi – Mentee Shilpi Tanwar

Reeta Tyagi is an Alternative Therapist.

Shilpi: It’s like I’m at a crossroad, and I don’t know where to go.

Reeta: I was exactly in your situation fifteen years ago. I had no idea what to do in life. *shows with hand* I thought only this much was my world. But, then the change happened, and now Sky is my limit. Nothing can hamper my dreams. My happiness knows no barrier or obstacle.

Shilpi: What changed? How did it happen?

Reeta: You know, there exists Universal Energy, which is miraculous and magical. You just have to believe in it to manifest whatever you desire in life. One has to give self that freedom, to follow where the road takes you. Follow your heart. It will guide you right. And, believe in that divine power of the energy that is in us and all around us.

  1. Mentor Dr. Shama Mujahid – Mentee Tanvi ThaperShama Mujahid

Mentee Tanvi: I faced a lot of difficulties during my MBBS course I did in Chennai. Being a girl from the north, it was so difficult to adjust in the south. The culture, food, language and everything were so different from my home place. I had some adjustment issues in the beginning. But gradually, I adapted.

Mentor Shama: I can understand. But, one has to adjust everywhere. It’s good that you didn’t give up. One has to let go of many things, to achieve something in life. And, a doctor’s life is all about focus and dedication to their profession. Other things come after that.

  1. Mentee Poonam Mehra – Mentee Natasha

Poonam Mehra is a Pranic Healer. Natasha was confused about her future. She was seeking Poonam’s advice on how to get the clarity of one’s mind.

Poonam Mehra: You first have to set goals in life. For that you need to understand, what you actually want. Spend time with yourself, and search for what your heart desires. Once, you know what you want, only then you can act. And, don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith.

  1. Mentor Kanupriya Sachdev – Mentee Lovleen Mathur

Kanupriya Sachdev is a professor at Malviya Institute of Technology. And, Lovleen who wants to start a school in a village was enquiring about the requirements for the set-up.

Mentee Lovleen: I want to start at a grass root level. We know the need for education. But, in villages, still people don’t send their children to school due to negligence. I want to start a school that shall provide a base for higher studies to village children. But I don’t know how to go about it. Where to start?

Mentor Kanupriya: See, what you want to do is ideal. But, at the same time, one has to be realistic and practical. First, you need to get acquainted with the realities of villages. The issues and challenges you may face there. Also, people are reluctant to send their kids to school. So, you have to find a way to convince them to send their kids. After doing proper research, you can proceed. You might be able to get government support also. Your idea is indeed noble, but you will have to understand all the aspects. 

  1. Mentor Kulsum Malik – Mentee Ayushi Goyal

Kulsum started with the chain of ‘Kaya Kalp’ beauty salons in Rajasthan. Ayushi Goyal is an aspiring Make-up artist.

Mentee Ayushi: I have listed some of the beauty and makeup courses in Delhi and Mumbai. Please suggest which will be a better option.

Mentor Kulsum: Well, I went to Delhi for my course. But, that was a long time back. *laughs* I strongly suggest you go to Mumbai. There are umpteen and diverse opportunities there. It’s the fashion and beauty hub. Most Bollywood make-up artists reside there. So, even from the networking perspective, Mumbai is a better choice.

  1. Mentor Dr. Reena Thapar – Mentee Aurelia AlvesReena Thapar

Reena Thapar is a Dental Surgeon while Aurelia is a Fashion Designer from Brazil.

Mentee Aurelia: After talking to you I have realized, that maybe we are culturally different, but the life of women is similar all over the world. At the roots, we all face the same problems in our lives.

Mentor Reena: Absolutely, I feel the same.

  1. Mentor Anshu Pawan – Mentee

Mentee: What is it you were telling about Jijivisha?

Mentor Anshu: Jijivisha, is a Hindi word, that means your urge to live. It is about living life beyond just the mundane routine things, and freeing you from all the obstacles and things that are pulling you down.

Every mentee got one mentor, but for me, it was like so many dynamic women mentored me. The initiative of Mentoring Walk is truly empowering and inspiring women to shed all their inhibitions and fulfill their dreams.

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