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Jayati Godhawat

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Global Mentoring Walk Jaipur: Mentors Share Their Experiences & More

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  •  March 3, 2016


6thGlobal Mentoring Walk Jaipur that will be held in Central Park on March 5, organized by Archana Surana, is just a day away. JWB attended the orientation session and got a chance to talk to many learned mentors from various professional fields.

Yesterday, we introduced and shared the experiences of few participating mentors. JWB brings forth the second round of these conversations. Read on and get inspired!

Poonam Mehra

I am a Pranic Healer and Meditation Practitioner. This is my third year as a mentor in the walk. In earlier days, meditation and healing were thought to be only for elderly people. Nowadays, there’s so much stress, anxiety, physical health issues, relationship pressures, and emotional distress, that men and women of all ages are taking up meditation. Many mentees inquire about the procedure to become a trainer or a healer. A person has to complete the five levels of meditation and then undertake the teacher’s training program to become a coach.

We had a peer mentoring session too on pranic healing. I taught the basics of meditation and explained its benefits to all our fellow mentors. Through meditation, you introspect and find peace of mind that guides you to realize your potential in all fields of your life.

Dr. Reena Thapar

This is my fourth year as a mentor in the Jaipur Mentoring Walk, and I am a Dental Surgeon by profession. Last year, my mentee was a divorcee. She was in mental trauma and was emotionally drained. She complained that her family pitied her and that she was weary of their sympathy. She was talking about her life and issues to me, and I was just listening. After the walk, she expressed how freed she was feeling. Listening to your mentee is the most important aspect of being a mentor. We still talk to each other once or twice in two months. And, all I offer is the comfort that I am listening, and most times while talking, she only expresses the solution to her problems.

It’s not just mentees who learn from us; we learn as much from our mentees. We understand better what the challenges and issues the current generation is facing. It has helped me personally, to understand the mindset of my children and assist them in an improved way.

Sumiti Mittal

I have been running a software company Pratham Software and also Pratham School for the underprivileged girls. At the mentoring walk, we meet all kinds of women facing different challenges and seeking solutions. Once, I was a mentor to a wife who wanted to get involved in her husband’s business. As a mentor, we have to guide them as to how work, time and family can be managed. I understand that working women face double challenges. But I always advise my mentees or other women who seek my advice, to be confident in self and not feel guilty. She also needs to prioritize and manage time schedules.

Deepa Mathur

I am working with my husband in the Export of Handloom and Handicrafts. Some portion of the profits is invested in educating underprivileged girls. We also run an NGO Qualis that works for skill development and education of women from weaker sections of the society. I have been a mentor since the first Jaipur Mentoring Walk. Mentees may come from craft or any other areas. Sometimes, even we, mentors, discuss our problems with the mentees. This platform gives us a space to connect with each other emotionally. I always suggest my mentees to help other underprivileged women and people. We are educated, confident, and have sufficient resources, but these people are illiterate, hesitant, and have limited means. For the overall development of the Mankind, it’s important that we help each other in whatever way possible.

After talking to the mentors, I realized that Archana’s initiative of paying it forward is truly a blessing that will blossom womanhood and will help every woman to realize her true self.

Hang On! It’s not over yet.  Many more stories are coming up shortly.



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