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Morning Walks Together Can Be Romantic, Ask This Jaipur Couple

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  •  February 9, 2016

Google about “Ten habits of a happy couple” and you will find ‘Walking Together’ by the time you will reach the point no. 5. Yes, it is that crucial.

Meet Mrs. Kamlesh Rastogi and her husband, Mr. Satish, who are married for 28 years now. The lovey-dovey couple has been going for morning walks since last ten years after the common health issues took over.

“Apart from the fact that it helps you stay fit, walking-together gives a couple some alone moments, which are very crucial. You are away from your kids, mobile phone, maid, and television. In such a case, all you do is speak and listen to one another”, smiles Mr. Satish.

So what is it that they talk about?

“Kids. You can’t escape the parental worry. Can you,” questions the bubbly wife.

Ask them about how much they manage to walk every day, and the dear husband has to declare, “4-5 kilometers a day”. To which, the wifey shuts him up saying, “Achaa!?”

Interestingly, Satish ji never goes for walks when his better-half isn’t able to join him. He says, “I am too laid back. I can’t do things without her. She has to accompany me. This is how I prefer to begin my day.”


She adds, “However, once he’s gone to his work, it is just me in the house. Our daughter is married, and the son is mostly out because of his studies and the new business that he’s started. So, I take my brunch by myself.”

“But you go to kitty parties with your girls. I am sure you enjoy more than any one of us”, quips Satish ji.

She laughs a bit and continues, “Well, he is right.”

Usually, the couple prefers having bed-teas. Today was different and hence, the hot tea was served in the living room. Courtesy Team JWB.

#CupidWishes: May you keep conquering the streets of Jaipur with love every morning!

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