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Together, This Couple Dresses And Drops Their Children To School

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  •  February 8, 2016


The Valentine week is here. La la la lalallala laa la!  Brace yourselves; JWB brings to you the oh-so-lovely married couples of the Gulaabi Shehar. This week, every day, we’ll share the stories of their beautiful relationship and those cute little habits that strengthen their bond and love for each other.

The little things we do,

While sharing each day’s sunset and sunrise,

The little things we do,

Sometimes stupid, sometimes wise,

The little things we do,

That makes our little world, a paradise.

Presenting the first of the lot,

Navita and Gyanpriya Mishra, Couple that gets their kids ready and drives them to school TOGETHER.

Sleepily much, Vibhor (photographer) and I knocked their door at seven in the morning. While Navita warmly greeted us, we saw Gyanpriya in the hallway, searching for something. Oh! Pssttt, missing my school days.

They introduced us to their children; Gyanvi (10) and Abhigyan (6). Gyanpriya resumed with getting Abhigyan ready. Gyanvi like a responsible girl was almost ready. Navita made up her hair while Gyanpriya knotted her tie and Navita explained, “Doing the tie is his job only, I don’t know how to make it.”


Navita rushed to the kitchen, got the tiffins and handed it to them. And once, they were ready, we could notice the couple’s calm and smiles returning. “Pheww, today’s job done”, they must have thought. He-He!
Now, that they had time before they drove them to school, we all sat down and chatted for a while.

Me: Tell us how and when did you get married?

Navita: It was a love marriage.

Me: interrupts, Oh! Wow. Oops sorry, continue.

Navita: We met at a relative’s wedding. My friends pointed at him and said that this is the tall bearded guy we were telling you about. I looked at him and said, “Ye toh bahut smart hai, model jaisa dikhta hai.” And, I instantly developed a liking for him. As a joke, we never disclosed our real names to any of the boys from groom’s side. So, after the wedding got over, he kept asking the groom about me whom he thought was named Nandini. Only, when the photos and video album came, he pointed at me and got my number from my cousin.

We saw Gyanpriya blushing. So cute!

Gyanpriya: We dated for three years and I would go to Sikar, where she lived, every Saturday, and would spend the whole day together and then would return the next day.

Awwwww….. (Warning: my awwws’ will get longer as you’ll read down)

Me: What’s the best surprise or surprise gift he’s given to you? Do you celebrate Valentine’s day and week?

Gyanpriya: I would like to answer that. We had just started dating and the next month, it was her birthday. I went to Sikar and booked a place, decorated it, and got a cake. That’s the best surprise I ever gave to her.

Navita: Yeah, he’s right. It was a beautiful surprise. On Valentine’s, we used to go to movies or dinners. And, there’s this special thing we used to do. We would deck up and go to the studio and got a brief photo shoot done every year. But from past three years, we have been keeping busy and not doing it. But today, all of it is revived, thanks to JWB, and so this year, we will celebrate it like old times.*laughs and looks expectantly at Gyanpriya*


Me: We have seen that you help her with getting the kids ready. What other little things like these, you do together?

Gyanpriya: We sometimes cook together. I like cooking, and whenever I am free, or she’s busy with other work I prepare Daal or rice or whatever.

Navita: We both are working parents. So, we share the responsibilities equally. It’s not that only I manage the household, and he the finances. We do it mutually.

Me: Tell us what one thing that you both love about each other. Navita, you first.

Navita: smiles, He is very romantic and emotional. And the fact that, he fully respects my family and me is what I love the most.

Gyanpriya: blushingly, I am blessed to have Navita in my life. We have been married for twelve years; we have had our share of ups and downs, but one thing has remained constant, i.e., her calmness and patience. She has never whined about or complained when things were not smooth or periods of financial crisis. Another thing that I love about her, she cares so much about me, my mother and our children.


Me: What do you think is the most important thing to keep the bond and love strengthened over the years?

Navita: I believe, one must accept that there’ll be good times and challenging times, it’s important to maintain the harmony. And, the respect for each other and their families is of utmost importance for healthy relationships.

Gyanpriya: Understanding and trust are also important which would eliminate any chance of insecurity amongst the partners.

Well, they suddenly realized that they had to drop the kids to school. We followed them too and waved little Abhigyan, and everyone else as they drove off.


Together you both stand, together you love, together you may share a bond that shall live on forever

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