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The Nasty Image Of Virat ‘Kicking’ Anushka Is Ridiculously Bizarre

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  •  February 9, 2016


So, amidst the rumors of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma break–up, this picture of Anushka and Virat are doing rounds on the internet, be it Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking site.

In the picture, Virat is shown kicking Anushka’s butt. A lot of memes and jokes have been made using it, with all kinds of obscene and degrading comments.

Well, if you still haven’t guessed it, the pic is not real and clearly photoshopped by someone. These are the two different and actual images.

Anushka for Vogue Issue 2014…


Virat on an old Flying Machine Advertisement cover

It’s unpleasant to see that the media, some crazy fans, and few worthless good for nothing people invade the privacy of celebrities. They are celebrities, and they will be written about, and talked about, but most often than not people cross their lines and ruin their personal space and life.

In my view, this image is distasteful not only because it ruins their privacy but also for the fact that it shows the shallow mentality of people towards women.

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