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Jayati Godhawat

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No Phooling Around. These Women Run A Jaipur Gas Station

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  •  April 2, 2016


This April “Phool’s” Day, JWB decided to punch the bullies in the face who think that men and women are different, who believe that some “things” are just for the men.

Women have been fooled enough in the past by people who made them think that they are weaker or inferior to the M-gender and thought them to be delicate as flowers (Phools).

Not anymore.

We brought you the stories of women kickboxing and little girls of a preparatory school that said to the world, “I can.”

For the ultimate showdown, JWB visited a Bharat Petroleum Gas Station managed by women.

The BP Gas Station at Sahkar Marg is the one-of-its-kind station where they’ve female workers.

Rekha Sen

We met them and inquired about their experience and challenges faced.

Bhanwar Singh

Bhanwar Singh, the supervisor of the gas station happily received us and said, “Like us, other gas stations too, should give equal opportunities to men and women. Girls don’t have to prove anything to anybody. People should understand that for any position or any job, both genders will prove equally efficient.”

Me: How long have you been working here? And, how does it feel to be working at a gas station, a place which is still majorly occupied by males?

Rekha Sen and Manju

Rekha Sen: I have been working here for past three years. It’s a great feeling. Still, most of the pumps have men employees, but I believe that we are setting an example for all of them that women can successfully run a gas station.

Manju: We are proving all those people wrong, who thought that women are not right for this job.

Me: In the past, did anyone in the family object to this job?

Anita Soni

Anita Soni: I had a full support of my family, but some relatives disapproved the idea of a woman working at the gas station. But as long as I am comfortable doing it and my family backs me up, no one else matters.


Me: Why do you think that we see more men than women working at the gas stations?

Ronesh Kanwar: It’s not that women are reluctant to take up a job at the gas station. Like BP (Bharat Petroleum) gave us the opportunity and you can see the result. I think most station owners and managers are apprehensive to the thought of women working at such places. They think men are more suitable. But, that is wrong. Women have proved their power everywhere in the world, handling petrol pump is just a glimpse of it. We just need opportunities.

Ronesh Kanwar, Nisha Kaur, and Rekha Sen

Well said, Ronesh!

Mona Yadav said, “It is my 8th year here, and I feel so proud of working here. And, I believe that if your family is with you and you have decided your path, no one can stop any woman to achieve anything in life. ”

Nisha Kaur added, “Exactly, we have the ability to do anything in the world. And, we are blessed that our families support us. But, in most cases, it’s the family who dispirits their daughters or wives, which results in two things: either they discard their ambitions, or if they decide to fulfil their dreams, they are left alone and without any help to prove their stance. So, I just want to say that family should realise the potential of their girls and support them.”

So true!

Sorry to burst the bubble, but the people who treat and believe women to be “phools” are the real FOOLS!

Moral: Stand by your girls and let them find their path. They may fall, they may fail, but if you (their family) are holding her back, she’ll fulfil her aspirations and reach her skies.



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