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On World Environment Day, JWB Meets The Man Saving Our ‘Srishti’

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  •  June 4, 2016


Every year, June 5 is observed as the World Environment Day to raise global awareness to protect nature and our planet Earth.

Vivek Sharma

This World Environment Day we met , Founder who is passionately working for the past 10 years to make Pink City a greener place to live by planting trees in and around Jaipur.

Vivek Sharma is also a renowned builder and founder of , an infrastructure development company.

Yes, I know what you are thinking!

A builder cuts down the trees to build homes. So, how is he making Jaipur any greener?

I went to his office with the exact thought, and this was my first question.

Vivek said smilingly,

“Certainly, I am a builder, but, I don’t build homes on the graves of the dead trees. I work with a very different perspective. On all my construction sites and buildings, I try to accommodate as many trees as possible, however, if we have to remove them, we never cut them down, we transplant them in the same or any other area.”

Vivek Sharma and Surbhi Sharma

Vivek’s wife Surbhi also explained the benefits of planting trees in the surroundings.

If you have trees in and around your building premises, you’ll not need a separate covered parking spot. You can park your car under the tree shade. Your kids can play all day without worrying about the scorching heat and sunlight. Trees help in bringing down the temperature and cools down the atmosphere.”

And, here’s another reason why Vivek is an Eco-builder.

The waste pipes and wood from the construction sites are not thrown away. They make bird homes from them.

Bird Homes

Take a look!

Vivek Sharma shared with us the reason behind setting up Srishti Foundation and what motivated him to take up this particular initiative.

“As a student, I was a part of NCC Navel Wing. One of my senior friends used to plant trees whenever and wherever possible. So, I started doing it with him, and I decided to take it further. In 2007, I incepted Srishti Foundation with the aim of planting trees and creating awareness amongst people to conserve the environment.”

Me: So, where do you plant trees? How do you decide what kind of plants should be grown and where do you get them from?

Vivek: We mostly plant trees at the public places, but not just in the parks. We do it in streets, colonies, roadside area, etc. The trees grown are suitable for the climate here and also requires less water and maintenance. Initially, we were buying saplings from private nurseries, however, now we have purchased a land, and have appointed a farmer that grows saplings for us, which are then planted at various places.

Surbhi: At home, too, we never throw away any fruit seeds. We collect and replant them, always.

Also, they have put up banners at many fruit and vegetable vendor shops to inculcate the idea of planting the seeds.


BTW, have you ever noticed the tree guards around plants on the roadsides? In order to provide protection, Srishti Foundation has placed hundreds of tree guards in the city.

“Tree guards not only protect the trees from the damage done by people and vehicles but, they also increase the growth rate dramatically, and there’s no need to tie up plants as they grow. We have placed them in various localities like Bapu Nagar, University Road, C-scheme, Tilak Marg, etc.”

In 2010, Srishti Foundation also transplanted a banyan tree that fell down due to heavy rainfall.

“I remember reading in the newspaper about the tree. I called some government officials to seek permission to transplant it elsewhere. Mr. Akshay Singh, IFS Forestry Department Jaipur, shared his experience in the matter, and we successfully transplanted the banyan tree at Smritivan.”

“My purpose to transplant the banyan tree was not only to protect it but to prove that, yes, transplantation is possible, and it should be done,” he told.

Srishti Foundation has various social initiatives and campaigns to create awareness and promotes tree plantation in the city.

During our conversation, Vivek explained about some of them.


Million Trees Jaipur

“In 2013, then Chief Minister Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot inaugurated the most ambitious campaign of Srishti, Million Trees. Under this, we will plant 1 million trees in and around Jaipur.”

Green Cup

“This year, we are organizing the sixth edition of Green Cup, an initiative to plant 500 trees. Green Cup is a corporate cricket tournament to create awareness and encourage the corporates to grow more trees. After every match, we even distribute saplings to the players.”


“Every year, we organize Contribute, a drawing competition for children where they are given specific topics like nature, save the earth, etc. During the competition, they have to write slogans for their drawings. It is to teach them the importance of preserving the environment.”

Vivek Sharma and Surbhi Sharma

Surbhi Sharma also talked about their initiative Gift-A-Tree:

We promote the idea of gifting your precious ones with the most invaluable present, i.e., a sapling which they can grow into a tree. This gift shall remain with them forever.”

Vivek added, “In fact, this Diwali, one of the corporates gifted saplings to their employees.”

Vivek Sharma

He had just one message for all:

“Every individual should observe the responsibility to plant as many trees as possible and make them grow. Trees are very important for mankind’s survival as it’s the only thing that provides oxygen. Trees add to the beauty of the place, give shade, and enhance the water table. And, the monsoon is coming, so, it’s the best time to plant the trees.”

In the end, Vivek said, “Many people thought that we named our Foundation after our daughter’s name Srishti. However, it’s the opposite. We named our daughter Srishti so that we could take the initiative of Srishti Foundation further.”

Unfortunately, Srishti was just 3-years-old when they lost her in 2013. I just want to express my feelings to Vivek and Surbhi, by saying,

“No amount of words can console and make-up for your loss. But, know that Srishti has enriched a million lives and in every tree you’ve planted, Srishti shall remain with us till eternity.”

P.S.- If you wish to plant or adopt trees in your locality and want to Gift-A-Tree to someone, you can contact on 98290 11136.



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