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How To Rock Monochrome & Gold When It Comes To Décor, Bela Tells Us!

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  •  June 8, 2016


Bela Badhalia’s house is a collection of contemporary art pieces (this also includes the furniture, by the way). And as promised, I am bringing you the insights from the most sought-after home of Jaipur called ‘Breeze.’


Now let me tell you, this home is an accurate reflection of its name.

The house is standing tall right in the middle of the green space that includes a small lotus puddle, a fishpond, an organic kitchen garden and multiple arrays of exotic flowers.


The garden is one of its kinds and welcomes some striking fauna like Kingfisher. Oh, and did I mention the effing Tree-house they’ve in the backyard?

Bela and her husband, while planning the house, decided to ditch the old brick walls and replace them with life-size glass walls that keeps the house virtually close to the massive greenery outside.

While showing us around, she said, “Watching the butterflies flutter and birds chirp around us while we grab our morning tea is a ritual. Amazingly, the birds that come here never harm the fishes in the pond.”

She continued, “During winters, we shift our kitchen outside, next to our small kitchen-garden. We have this little chulha set-up. We shall invite you the coming winter season to enjoy makke and bajre ki rotis.”

Inside, I was taken by surprise looking at the sudden change in the color palette of the artistic home. It was as if the outside foliage turned itself into a monochrome contrast. Remember the house they showed in the movie Rock On? That, decorated with a pinch of gold.

Bela’s Dining Hall is like the game of Chess. She once picked two black chairs from a random décor store and got made similar in brown and gold. I think, it’s a really cool way to play with the old concept of eating counters. Agree?

On our way to the 2nd floor, a massive painting caught my attention. The ‘Lotus-obsessed jeweler-couple’ have got themselves made a 3-d painting wherein the water dewdrops are, in reality, gold droplets! Bela calls the whole concept – Gold Drops of Wisdom.

Some parts of the home prove that the couple has secretly sidelined black and decided to declare white as the star. For daughter Kia’s room, the parents planned a quiet space so that teen stays calm post school and extra-curricular after-school activities and doesn’t turn into a Drama-queen!

A sophisticated bed facing the front lawn, an oversized sofa on one side and a study table carefully kept facing the wall with a peek-a-boo to the garden – all together look like a smartly planned room for a school-going.

Personally, I loved the idea of putting a 3-d tree installation in her room so that the little chick can hang all her bags and other fashion accessories in order.

In her bathroom, the mommy artist Bela has turned a lotus painting into a marble inscription. This, certainly, must have required a lot of explaining to the artisans over the many cups of chai.

Another décor trick that you can steal from Bela is how to hide those ugly electric boards and meters inside the home. Bela’s place has them covered with beautiful square paintings with botanical motifs. Who would have guessed?

Scroll down to check out some other creative ideas that you can implant at the time of your next home renovation:

The Pool room

This space is her husband’s favorite. Bela recalled buying the abstract Fire-Lotus painting from a local artist who she bumped into during one of her travels. Boy, look at that theme clock!

The Gym room

The gyms are boring, but not anymore! The floral motifs on the wall and the super creative doors in this room are extraordinary. The doors are made of jute to make sure proper ventilation takes place during some tough workout sessions.

Bela added, “They are super affordable, too! What’s not to love?”

The common area between the hallway and the staircase

Next time your Carpenter is throwing away the mirror cut-outs, do THIS!

The Garden space

Remember, our Photographer described her house as a resort? A breakfast-table and a large-size-size swing is all you need to nail the look.

A cool entrance

A Buddha-swag welcome? Why the hell not?

Psst, I love how leather, wood, and fabric materials at her home are creating the magic together. Take the case of the coffee space. You’ll be amazed how the collection of coffee tables in all shapes placed in the small verandas outside each room is oozing simplicity.

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