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PHOTOS: Magic Of 160-Year-Old Camera By Photographer Giles Clement

  • JWB Post
  •  September 3, 2016


Photographer Giles Clement from Nashville is an old-school. He wanted to see what a 160-year-old camera could do to his models. So he created eerily beautiful portraits of people using a camera equipment from the 1800s.

Describing his work, he wrote, “Slightly larger than life and floating on a glass, these are the 16×20 ambrotypes I’ve made using a home built the camera and a lens off a World War 1 spy Zeppelin. My tintype images are created using equipment made more than 160 years ago…from an era when cameras were made by craftsmen in small shops and lenses were designed using slide rules, experience, and feel. The inherent flaws of these instruments lend themselves perfectly to my view of a beautifully imperfect world.”

Here,  Giles has used two techniques: tintype (a photograph taken as a positive on a thin tin plate) and ambrotype (an early type of photograph made by placing a glass negative against a dark background).

Beautiful, right?

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