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You HAVE To Read This Girl’s Open Letter To Shobhaa De Who Body-shamed Kate Middleton

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  •  April 21, 2016


Oh, don’t ask us how outraged we’re after reading the infamous open letter Author Shobhaa De wrote addressing the Duchess of Cambridge.

Shobhaa, very shamelessly, announced that Kate had no ‘curves’ to carry a saree. And in a way, thanked God for the Princess chose to wear only western clothes during her India visit. 

Among all of us, it was Sneha Roy from Guwahati who couldn’t take it and decided to give Ms. De a substantial reply.

Sneha begins with writing :

“Let me tell you, when an 80-year old Indian woman, be it your aging mother, mother-in-law, or your own grandmother : greets you with a smile so radiant, bedecked in a saree loosely draped over her frail body : her once supple youth having fallen victim to Time.”

Below is her open letter that she posted on her Facebook timeline:

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