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FLO Jaipur Shares It’s New Vision With New Chairperson, Preeti Saboo

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  •  April 21, 2016


Remember reading the story of cheerful Preeti Saboo? Recently, she has been crowned as the Chairperson of FICCI FLO Jaipur Chapter. Today, the organization conducted its first press meet after her oath ceremony to share the vision for the year 2016-17.

To begin with, Neeta Boochra, the Founder-Chairperson and National President 2014-15 of FLO, spoke a few words about the organization’s lifetime mission. She said, “As a women’s group, our only motto is to empower women by helping them grab equal opportunities. We work for women at all levels – grassroots, middle and superior. From skill development to company’s board training, we do it all.”

She then thanked all the previous nine Chairpersons of FLO Jaipur chapter and welcomed Preeti on board. She exclaimed, “Preeti is someone you can rely on. She’s a go-getter and never says no to anything. I can vouch for one fact that she will not disappoint you as your Chairperson.”

Neeta Boochra

Having said that, she also revealed another major decision FLO has taken this year. She shared, “We have decided to form the Chairperson council where all the past Chairpersons, as members, will look after the long-term projects of FLO. This will include empowering the Rajasthan’s rural women by training them to become sustainable businesspeople. We as their Mentors will guide them on how to start a business and become financially independent. At that, we will also take care of the finances required to set-up their work. We have already finalized a venue where this Incubation Center will be inaugurated in the city. Besides, we are coming up with the idea of installing Sanitary Pads Vending Machine in underprivileged school around the city to reduce the girl-dropout ratio. The pads will be available at just Rupees 2. The reason behind this is the lack of menstruation knowledge among these girls and their families. We will visit them to teach about puberty and how it can be handled without disrupting one’s education.”

Wow, what an innovative social initiative!

She then invited Preeti to share her tenure’s mission and vision with the audience.

Preeti took over the mic and said, “I am glad I will be carrying on the legacy of the past Chairpersons. They have already carved a trail, and I will make sure, I walk on it confidently and successfully along with all my fellow members. The motto of this year is “Ignite The Spark”. With this, I expect all of you to explore your potential, light it and let it spring out there.”

Preeti Saboo

She continued, “The drive called WE to empower the city’s underprivileged women by providing them training as Computer Operators, Cab Drivers, and Security Guards will be continued with more vigor.”

Talking about the events happening under her leadership, she said, “The first event will have Kalki Koechlin showcasing her Monologue about gender equality. On the same day, girls from the NGO called Naya Savera will join us to sell their handmade products. Let’s get together to encourage them!”

Interestingly, ex-Chairperson Alka Batra shared with us the stats of the number of women benefitted last years under her Chairmanship. She remarked, “We could train 56 girls as Cab Drivers. Currently, they have received their Learning License. In a month, they will be joining their new jobs. 40 Muslim girls were trained as Computer Operators and once they write their final year exams, they, too, will be ready to join back-offices of the city-based companies. Fortunately, the govt. is helping us find good jobs for the women trained as the courageous Security Guards. We can’t wait to see all of them start working and becoming independent.”

It’s inspiring to see these FLO women working hard to change many lives around them. In a way, they are empowering themselves, as well. Agree?



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