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The Gitais: No Time For Breakfast! Dietician Aditi Mehrotra Helps Them Out

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  •  November 28, 2015


This is World’s Diabetes Month, and we are still keeping a track of the “Gitais”. So far, this working couple has visited our dietician Aditi Mehrotra’s office, and got their lifestyle habits analysed.

After that, we took the couple to a supermarket, where they bought their monthly food supplies. Their choices were then scrutinized by Aditi!

We have officially entered Phase Three of our campaign “ChEat with Aditi”!

Now, it was time to monitor their breakfast activities. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

But, it turns out that our working couple’s mornings are so hectic, that they do not get the time to sit and have a proper breakfast. A bite here, a sip of coffee there.

I can definitely imagine Sunanda running around the house with a half eaten toast in hand! Popping in and out of the shower, showering love on her two adorable dogs, tending to her kids’ needs, trying to eat, all at once! Juggling home and work is so not a joke!

Sadly, the Gitais are not the only ones who skip their breakfast in the morning. Countless working couples are forced to ditch ‘breakfast’ from their list of priorities. This results in a loss of nutrition and strength required to get them through the day.

The solution?

Our dietician Aditi tells you how you can make your morning more nutritious, even on the run!

Dietician’s Aditi Mehrotra’s Analysis:

In my view there will be a large percentage of many working couples who can relate to the Gitais! Since they both are working, their morning routine is at a frenzied pace – and breakfast is conveniently given a miss.

Earlier on, we noticed their shopping cart loaded with ready to eat breakfast cereals such as cornflakes and bread spreads such as Nutella and mayonnaise. It is quite possible, that, if at all there is a conscious effort on their part to eat breakfast, it will be just something out of these food stuff.

Skipping breakfast increases the risk of obesity or makes it harder to lose weight. There is scientific research reporting that if you eat breakfast you are less likely to graze through the rest of the day. The first meal after dinner from the previous day is breakfast. Forgoing breakfast adds to this fasting period and imbalances the blood sugar levels even in non diabetics. Breakfast boosts your metabolism and increases your energy output. When you do not eat breakfast, your energy is reduced and physical activity levels decline. 

A large percentage of the population is self-categorized as “moody morning people.” The side effects of not eating breakfast negatively impact weight, hormonal health, memory, cognition and mood.

It is just a matter of bringing your organizational skills handy in the mornings and this important meal of the day can easily be managed. If you step out of the house on an empty tummy, there are higher chances of you contracting any kind of infection, so common now in Jaipur. 

You should plan a breakfast that combines good carbs and fiber with some protein. Eat a bowl of porridge or oats or muesli in milk. Try my Oaty Fruity Shake that can be gulped down for a quick fix breakfast. Combine oats, flax seeds/nuts and fruit pulp and add either milk or curd. I highly recommend Omega 3 rich oats for breakfast as they contain beta glucan-a fiber that helps in lowering cholesterol. Add a fruit to the muesli bowl or munch on it on the way. A bowl of steamed sprout is also a protein high breakfast option. A mixed daal chilla roll with a layer of chutney inside can be easily eaten on the run. 

Food eaten during breakfast hours will set pace for the day’s metabolic rate. The right food ingested at the right time will fuel you up and have your batteries fully charged!

A little effort can go a long way!

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