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THIS Happened When Singer Rajnigandha Shekhawat Said ‘Hello’ To JWB!

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  •  June 2, 2016


We have talked about celebs on our blog. But close to home, we have this dynamite-energy who is blasting the B-town with her upbeat energy. We’re talking about Rajnigandha Shekhawat, with whom we had a lil’ chat over the most casual telephonic conversation. Of course, Baisa style!


I’ve got no idol. Although, I really admire Jagjit Singh Ji’s work who’s my father’s favorite, too!

The guru-shishya relationship.

Hello, you’re speaking to a student of Pandit Jasraj’s school!

If she is a Hindustani classical singer?

Hell yeah! But sometimes, I extraordinarily enjoy Sufi folk and Ghazals. I was told that I sound like Shamshad Begum and Noor Jahan. After doing over 400 concerts singing their songs, I have decided to agree with whoever says that!

About her venture ‘Rajputana Entertainment’.

Because, why not? And BTW, Rajasthan was originally called Rajputana.

The Rajput girl in Mumbai.

Rajputs girls are strong. You can take the girl out of Rajasthan but you cannot take Rajputana out of the girl!

Music sabbatical.

I am brave. Just like people working in the MNCs take leaves; I decided to give my career a break to pursue a higher degree in music.

Singing for ‘Margarita with a Straw’.

When Music Director Mikey McCleary from New Zealand invited me over to sing the ‘Aai’s Aalap’ for this film, I was stunned. This amazing man knew what he exactly wanted. He asked me to do a Raag Shyam Kalyan. That time, I was yet to learn it during the second year of my degree. He was impressive. Later, we zeroed in on singing the Raag Gaud-Malhar, and it eventually became what Mikey desired.

Thakur Sahib.

He’s my father. He sent me to Mumbai considering my passion for music. To be honest, I was adamant. Like every other parent, he was worried sending me to an unknown city. And so, he came once to introspect. But hey, I guess I did a pretty good and proud job.

Why most of her songs are inspired by Rajasthan?

I once met the zesty Govind Kumari ji, the Late Rajmata of Santhrampur, who used to train and guide a group of dancers that performed on various Rajasthani royal folk songs from the ancient times. These were favorite among the Rajput rulers, but with every passing year, they kept vanishing. This lady did her best to safeguard that era of music. She’s inspired me in many ways.


Struggling is more fun in an AC car. DON’T leave your day job and very important advice – ‘Don’t marry a singer.’ *laughs*

Online trolls.

The moment someone even dares to write ‘You look hot” in the comments section, my supporters send them responses like ‘How dare you talk to the Baisa like this?” It’s charming. I love them as they are very protective of me. Funnily, I get way too many marriage proposals in my inbox. Well, at least their intention is honourable. Ha-ha.

Before we hung up, we asked her to explain two of her most interesting FB statuses.

She said: “It’s an INSULT when an artist gets asked what he/she is wearing on the red carpet. I am all for the hashtag #AskHerMore that encourages media to ask female artists more. Maybe, more about their art!”

She said: “My bucket list has got only one wish now – to sing for more movies and showcase my talent to a larger audience.”

Well, swoop it in your bucket, Rajnigandha!

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