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This Indo-British Couple Kicks The Asses Of Stereotypes You Have For Every Desi-Firangi Duo

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  •  February 14, 2017


It all began when Dave and Aparna had been observing each other at a club for quite some days now. After much contemplation, when nothing more than catching a glimpse of one another happened, Dave decided to make a move.

He gestured her to come closer.

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And love happened. While she was still studying in college in England, he was working as an Assistant Manager in a hotel.

From dancing to ‘Offo’ at their wedding to attending Halloween parties, and even making a music video together, this couple has done it all.

She found home in a place away from home. But you know the best thing about being an inter-racial couple is that more than the romance, it involves a lot of fun, and breaking stereotypes that have been preserved in their minds for the longest time.

And, here’s how the duo smashed them.

On Englishmen being fascinated by brown skinned girls

Dave: Umm, some guys like blondes, some like redheads, some like short, tall, skinny, or round. It all depends on who you are!

On their knowledge of food being limited to Chicken Curry & Paneer

Dave: I actually know a lot more, thanks to the missus. There’s Pav Bhaji, Biriyani, Maggi (laughs), macaroni, saag, sabzi and lots more.

On getting ‘champi’ from the desi wife

Dave: I rarely get a head massage. *cries*

One Indian woman stereotype that she miserably fails at

Dave: I thought that she would be tidier. She’s the messiest and most disorganized person I know.

One desi habit he hates

Dave: Not sure if this is desi-specific, but she has this habit of sticking earbuds inside the ear & she makes this awful noise to scratch an itch on the inside of her mouth… I mean… WTF? Are you sure you’re not an alien, wifey?

An Indian wedding ritual he found awkward

Dave: Enjoyed all aspects of the wedding stuff, though it was a bit nerve-racking sitting on the stage on my own with hundreds of people in front of me.

On Indians being punctual

Dave: You guys are never on time! Sometimes late by a few minutes, and sometimes by a few hours!

If he faced the Indian hospitality

Dave: Yes, still feeling full from the last visit in December.

So much from the husband, right? Let’s get the wife talking.

Her ‘Maika’ during a fight

Aparna: I usually just go to the other room and watch YouTube to calm myself down. I also miss my family home back in India.

If she had ever put extra spices in his food for revenge

Aparna: Aww, no way! We might fight a lot, and get annoyed with one another, probably even want to throw plates, but he really appreciates the food I make for him, and I could never do this.

If she murmured in Hindi while fighting with him

Aparna: It happens a lot but doesn’t really work because he knows most of the swear words in Hindi. You know what they say, meet a foreigner, and the first thing you teach him are swear words.

If toilet papers grossed her out

Aparna: Ahem, I’d rather not say…

If the foreign land is super clean and hygienic

Aparna: It looks that way on the outside, but every house has a different story to tell. I think they’re not as hygienic as I had pictured them to be!

If her accent was frequently an object of humor

Aparna: He makes fun of my accent on most days! And, also does the Indian head shake, too. No, it doesn’t annoy me, and in fact, always adds a smile to my face.

The couple happens to be my sister & her husband. *wink* So, there are a few things that the two ‘forgot’ to mention.

A nickname that they have for one another

Potty. Yes, really.

One common weird habit that sets them apart from other couples

They have farting competitions. 

Sorry guys, I gotz theee power.

(Pictures are taken from Facebook)

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