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Want To Know How Sushmita Sen Beat Aishwarya Rai With ONE Answer At Miss India Pageant?

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  •  February 5, 2016


I was never crazy about beauty pageants. I always viewed them as mean tele-novelas, where women are ruthlessly sub-divided into two groups: pretty ones and ugly ones. What could be more demeaning than making a woman feel that she is not pretty enough or thin enough to compete with the high rollers?

Hats off to the women who have the capacity to deal with the pressure of being perfect at all times! Women like Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen, who were chosen to represent India at Miss Universe and Miss World respectively.

Remember, how Sushmita Sen beat Aishwarya Rai at the Miss India Pageant? Did you know she beat her by a mere 0.2 percent!

Aishwarya was asked the question “If you have to look for qualities in a husband, would you look for the qualities in Ridge Forrester from Bold & Beautiful or in Mason Capwell from Santa Barbara?”, to which her response was “Mason. They do have a lot in common, but from what we see, Mason has a very caring side to him, and a terrific sense of humour. And that really gels with my character.

Sushmita, on the contrary, was asked, “What do you know about the textile heritage of your country and how long has it been around?” Her answer: “I think it all started with Mahatma Gandhi’s Khadi. It has gone a long way since then but the basics of Indian textile heritage has been from there.”

This answer helped Sushmita Sen get bestowed with a bejeweled crown! Luck is a funny thing, isn’t it?

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