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Dia Ajmera, Owner of Pasha Designer Store, Talks About Her Life & Gives Fashion Tips For This Season

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  •  July 24, 2015

We read 21 yr old Dia Ajmera’s interview in DNA few days back, talking about her achievement as a fashion designer. We were highly impressed, given that most of us stay confused during early 20s.

We made her a call and fixed a time before her store ‘Pasha’ opens for public. This 7 months old passion-turned-business has given Dia a flight she has been thinking of since her teenage. “I had my goals set. A personal store at 21 and a super successful business at 25”, quipped Dia.Her family has a long-run business in jewelry, however, Dia never wanted to be a part of the show. She was more into fabrics, clothes and prints! Prints which are quirky, youthful and fun to wear are Dia’s inspiration. Taking quality advice and stealing few business tactics from her father and uncle, Dia launched the store Pasha. We asked her to take us around the store, located at a part of her home that is considered lucky for the family business.

She shared with us her first few days in business, “When I had first ten pieces ready, one of my relatives came and bought few of them. Then and there I made my 1st customer and income!”

In just a matter of time, Pasha came into limelight, thanks to the quirk this brand offers. Dia also made sure to be a part of city exhibitions, along with catering few online retails shops like Jabong, Fashionara, Snapdeal, Paytm, Solo Look, etc. However, we wanted to know how it is dealing with the direct clients.

Dia remarked, “Oh, talk about dealing with clients and I will tell you many stories. Because of my age, I feel somewhere the trust issue arises. I got one client who kept calling me to make sure I have started working on the order. But they need to comprehend that if I have committed, I will do it for sure. Plus, people try to bargain a lot with me. I am sure my age has something to do with it.  Funny but true.”

Meanwhile her mother enters unaware of this meeting. Dia had told us that her mother handles the store when she is traveling for events outside the city. “I get to boss around and guide her on how to manage Pasha”, said Dia comically. We quickly pulled her mom into the camera frame and asked what she feels of her daughter.

She said, “Proud is the word. The day she graduated, she told everyone that she will be starting her business in next 7 days. For one week she partied hard with friends. On 8th day, she was out in the market doing research and ground work. Her dad only wears shirts from her collection!”

Impressed. Since she is a potential ‘Print-queen’ of Jaipur, we took few fashion tips for the season. Here they are:

Dia strongly feels that bringing tropical into daily wear can be a statement.

Crop tops, anyone! Because winters are very…very far away.

Dia’s collection is all about prints and colors. If you aren’t really a fan of nature’s prints, you can always opt for graphical and optical ones. From shirts, gowns to shorts and skirts, Pasha’s collection is sure to thrill you.

She has a special counter for men too! “I am surprised men in Jaipur are game for quirky prints. Starting from birds, horses, camels, elephants, sharks, botanical prints to kites, telephone booth, bus, motorbikes; I have got prints that are eccentric and fierce. Totally displaying the mood of the possessor”, told Dia.

Don’t wait, visit her today! Meanwhile, if you are doing something incredible with your life, let us know at . We would love to meet you and write your story. xoxo

Photo courtesy: Shashank K Tyagi

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