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Amidst War & Bloodshed, These Syrian Kids Share What They Want To Become

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  •  February 14, 2017


Since 2011, more than four million people have become refugees after fleeing the violence of the Syrian civil war. A major segment of these refugees are children, who from a very young age have seen nothing but war and deaths.

Many of the Syrian children took the risky journey to Europe in the aftermath of the war, while they flee their homes under the direst of circumstances.

The fortunate ones who are enrolled in school in Lebanon are made to learn in French or English, as well as Arabic. Despite having a scarred childhood and difficult upbringing, nothing could deter their aspirations and courage to fulfill their dreams.

HuffPost UK discovered what some of these Syrian children wish to become when they grow up, during their visit to schools in Bekaa Valley and Mount Lebanon.

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