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Komal Panwar


Bookaroo: Children And Their Parents Answer JWB’s Crazy Questions

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  •  May 1, 2016


I’m not one who indulges in vox-pops too often. But this one had me all excited. The Bookaroo Festival was upon us, and we were surrounded by little kids inside the JKK Dome. We stood there, feeling all tall, holding our diaries with questions all super-ready!

Team JWB went around asking questions to kids that they usually pester their parents with. Similarly, we asked parents the questions the kids would ask them.

Of course, the most interesting answers came from the kids. So we divided them into two teams!

#Team Bachha Party & #Team Bade Log

And the questions and giggles began.

What is Love?

#Team Bade Log

Anoushna’s mother, Preeti: The way mumma loves you is love!

Amay’s mother, Gunjan: Jo mumma ki dil ki dhadkan hai, yaani ki Amay!

#Team Bachha Party

Shiva: Pyar (I went on to ask her what is pyar to which she replied LOVE. This went on for a while when finally I asked her what is “Love” and “Pyar,” she said, “Heart”)


I asked Amir’s son Safi the same question, but he was too shy and didn’t respond. His sister, though, jumped with an answer, like Hermoine Granger.

Ragini: Love is when a boy and a girl get together

Cute answer, right?

What I answered to What is Love?Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.

Why is ice cold?

# Team Bade Log

Well, they failed here miserably, because all of them said, “we have no clue!” The kids, however, managed to give their own unique answers.

#Team Bachha Party

Vihaan, momma’s spiderman boy: Taaki sab thanda ho jaaye.

My response: Because it wears Shah Rukh Khan’s cool necklace?

Where does God live?

#Team Bade Log

God lives in our hearts

#Team Bachha Party

Vibha: In the temple.

Priyal: In the sky!

My response: Everywhere?

Why is water transparent?

#Team Bachha Party

Because water comes and then the geyser cleans it, so it becomes clear!

– a round of applause for Anadya!

#Team Bade Log

Well, water is transparent because….. I don’t know!

My response: Water is transparent so that fish can see one another? I dunno.

Why don’t we wear interchangeable shoes?

#Team Bade Log

It’s utter madness; that’s why!

#Team Bachha Party

They’re not interchangeable?

Are they not interchangeable?

Kids? You remind me of Ekta Kapoor’s “Kya, Kya, Kya?!’ That’s my response

But then again,

Kids: 1 Parents: 0

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