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Bookaroo: These Cute Little Girls Beat The Heat With Their Coolness

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  •  May 1, 2016


For the first time, Jaipur is hosting Bookaroo, a literature festival for children at Jawahar Kala Kendra on April 30 and May 1.

Amidst attending the sessions, we bumped into the adorable kids that literally, took our hearts away.

Without much ado, let me introduce them.

‘The Gumsum One’

The quietest one of all, she was constantly hiding her face behind her mother’s chunni, while relishing the mango from her tiffin. However, Pallav engaged her in some talk and clicked this one.


‘Little Ana’

The moment I saw her, I was reminded of our Lady Boss Ana as Ana loves polka dots and jumpsuits. The pigtail hair, silver bow clips, and mermaid crocs are just adding to her cuteness.

‘The Jaipurish One’


This one is Komal’s favorite. One can see all the elements of Rajasthan in her attire. Bandhej skirt, the chatak pink hat, and Oh! That elephant bag. As her top says, she is “AWESOME!”


‘Paint The Town Red’

Who says only Red lip color or nail paint oozes confidence in women? This little girl carries red with so much swag.  And, her little sister is beating the heat of Jaipur summers with the evergreen florals.

‘The Kickass Denim One’

Hair tied in a bun, light denim top, dark denim shorts, and the rosy blush on the face, she will get you confused. Is she soft as a rose or tuff as denim? I’ll say she is the beautifully Badass!


‘The Monochrome Look’

She has nailed the monochrome look. The maroon sunnies adds just the right pinch of color to the outfit.  And those shoes, aren’t they gorgeous?

‘The Ethnic One’

Dressed up in a beautiful short Anarkali suit and with those bangles-clad hands, she didn’t let go of her sister for once. The protective and caring elder sister insisted that we capture her alongside her younger sibling.


‘The Frilly One’

The frilly top and a frilly gray skirt. Someone’s up for Jazz! Just wanted me to dance along with her ‘Girls like to Swing’.

Who’s your favorite of the lot? Let us Know!

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