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Unknowingly, Priyanka Lugani’s Universe Inspired Jewelry Designs Could Be Healing Us

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  •  January 16, 2017


When I leave for work every morning, watching my dog being all sad, looking into the distance as if he’s just had a break-up, there’s only one thing that comes to my mind.

“What the hell is he thinking?”

My friends tell me that I’m an idiot and that most animals live in the moment, unlike us. It always amazes me when someone talks about living in the moment. But, how would one go about it?

A state of complete awareness! Yeah, my friends, Ross wasn’t lying when he was talking about Unagi.

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The memories of the past keep us confined, and the future worries us, and while we’re in this state of mind, guys, life happens.

Priyanka takes sound healing, prana healing, and herbalism workshops to show how natural plants can help heal you. Her self-reflection classes are intended to connect yourself to your inner emotions. Interesting, isn’t it?

Me: When did you realize you had found your mindfulness?

Priyanka: It wasn’t a one-time thing. It’s a constant process that began while understanding the meaning of the 0 Point. My travels across India, Peru, and Bali, were also a great source of understanding.

Me: Paint us a word picture of your Universe.

Priyanka: My Universe is encompassed in the ethos of the 0 Point, the equilibrium. The 0 Point is the state of being in the Now, leading to balance and ultimate bliss. It is the moment where we are One with the Higher Self and our original patterns of perfection. Past and future do not matter. The past represents memory and, in part, fear; the future desire and hope. My Universe is centered on being present in the moment.

Me: Give us a few tips for someone who has a troubled mind.

Priyanka: Who doesn’t have a troubled mind, today? Perhaps, only children! And do you know why? It’s because they live in the moment. 

A troubled mind is usually a symptom of worry, either about something which has already happened, or something which we predict could potentially occur. It is the emotional body taking charge!

It consumes a mental space without benefitting you at all. Become a child again, and let go of things you cannot change and focus on those you can.

The key is to live in the moment, to breathe. After all, we create with each breath. So try to set up and manifest positive things with each breath!

Me: Interactive notebooks? What’s that all about?

Priyanka: Once again, this is linked back to 0 Point Projects which we are very excited about! The interactive notebooks serve as a guide to help us center ourselves and, as one of our values is every being’s journey of life, the notebooks have a space in each chapter and an exercise the reader can do so as to apply what is written in it to their own lives.

B L U E An inspirational day spent with @alicecasely @missvictoriamoss @refinery29uk @telegraphfashion ✨

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Priyanka’s jewelry collection is inspired by her practice of mindfulness. Guess what celebrity recently wore a pair of earrings designed by her?

Me: Cara Delevingne was seen wearing Aamaya recently. Tell us how you felt when you discovered this.

Priyanka: It was wonderful! The highlight was that she wore my dearest creations of the Galaxy Earrings, inspired by a poem I wrote in Haridwar last year:

@caradelevingne wearing our #galacticearrings 🌞🌙 now available online! #aamayabypriyanka

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`You are the Sun. I am the Moon. Between us, there wont be a moment of darkness.`

Me: One piece of jewelry that’s not for sale?

Priyanka: My Evil Eye Bracelets from Istanbul!

Star Handcuff now available @fsparis Spa! #aamayabypriyanka

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Me: A piece of jewelry that has been passed on for generations?

Priyanka: Many things, however, I have always detached from tradition. We can not hold on to any form of possession; therefore I prefer to be free of anything.

Me: Do you think being too intuitive hampers your peace of mind sometimes?

Priyanka: I used to believe that it was both, that it’s both a blessing and a curse. However, it’s really a mindset. If we find balance, we begin embracing our intuition.

Me: If you were a precious stone, what would you be, and why?

Priyanka: I would prefer to be a crystal, their magical, mystical and the ultimate source of energy!

Me: What’s your perfect jewelry to wear for:

A formal meeting

Galaxy earrings!

Girls’ night out

The Classic Knuckle Ring

Black tie event

My Kamyan Solitaire Bracelet!

Family picnics

Simple Zig Zag Band in Black Onyx stacked with a plain Rose Gold ring.

Me: What brings the ‘bling’ in your life?

Priyanka: Traveling and exploring.

Me: What was the first piece of jewelry that you owned?

Priyanka: Tiny gold bangles

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