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The Fashion Diary Of JLF Day 1 Is All About Mixing Trends & Patterns The Right Way

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  •  January 19, 2017


If there’s one event that is a perfect blend of literary heads and fashionistas, that undoubtedly has to be the Jaipur Literature Festival! From putting on the Pantone colour of the year to ethnic power dressing and mixing monochrome with floral prints to street style boho chicks, JLF Day 1 had it all.

So those who still think JLF is only where the bibliophiles go, let us take you to the fashion land of the festival. Here, we bring you four fashionable women and a man, who we met while taking a stroll between our literary sessions’ breaks.

And I’ll begin with my personal favourite!


Clad in the pantone color of the year trenchcoat, with a monochrome skirt and a long floral shirt, Leah Amy Smith, an artist, and a designer by profession, blew my mind off!

Ohh, and how could I miss those polka dots socks with amazing double layered shoes. And well, this was not all she was wearing. While chit-chatting with her, you know what I noticed?

This cute little broach of her dog Indigo, added another level of clothing aesthetics to her look.


No regular draping allowed alert! Saree is indeed one of the most versatile outfits worn by an Indian woman. So those who thought Jaipur’s cold would spoil the hot saree feel, here’s a cue from designer Suman Bajaj. She, who was spreading (read wearing) happiness and love in a self-designed saree, stayed warm in her sweater and jacket nicely tied with a slim belt.

And those neon matching shades!


I remember how last evening I was telling Komal and Jayati that no matter how fashionable you guys wish to look, I just can’t compromise with cold. Having not many options, I put on my black trenchcoat and stuffed myself with warmers. But when I met Lyla, I realized all I had to do was to put a little more imagination in dressing up the season.

Her cute milkmaid braid with self made funky necklace and similar motifs skirt was too cool to handle. She told me, “I am nicely packed with a warmer and a sweater and that’s my definition of feeling fashionably comfortable.”


This Punk jogan who very cooly mixed an ethnic shrug with a suede bustier fringed top and junk jewellery with the ocean pixie hair-do was the perfect example of ‘east meets west‘!


This woman was the ideal example of ethnic power dressing for me today! This pre-stiched pleated skirt wrapped in a beautiful chanderi drape complimented with a brocade blouse and those gorgeous leather brogues, surely turned heads around!


So as promised, here is the cool man we spotted! He, who we meet every year at JLF, has now become a dear friend we never miss to capture. Flaunting the pantone color of the year again, he told me, “Jaipur is so vibrant and I am dressed to live the festive spirit of JLF. I have tried to mix pop culture with the Indian-ness of this place.”

You totally rock it boy!

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