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Avantika Singhal

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From The Corporate World To Blogging, Ritika Gives The ‘Vama’ A Platform To Tell Her Stories

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  •  January 10, 2017


Inspiration can lead you to do great things. It’s one of the strongest forces in the Universe and can motivate anyone into chasing their dreams.

I ran into Ritika Joshi, a corporate world extraordinaire, house maker and an aspiring entrepreneur from Jaipur. She made her presence prominent by working in the financial sector for Microsoft and Dell.

Further, she was heading a state in training and sales when she decided to give way to her entrepreneurial dreams.

Just two months earlier, she launched a website named ‘,’ a forum dedicated to what women achieve, what obstacles they face in their daily lives and how they destroy stereotypes.

And, the fun fact is that ‘Vama’ translates to ‘women’ in Sanskrit!

And so, the two ‘Vamas,’ looking like furry Llamas, sipped coffee in their winter coats!

What inspired you to start Vama India?

Earlier, I had a YouTube channel by the same name as my website. On the channel, we would provide viewers with home décor and beauty tips. After that, I realized that one of my friends had a story that was so inspiring that it needed to be broadcasted on social media. This is why I thought of creating a website that would rightfully give credits to women for being so brave and ambitious.

Humans tend to get motivated by other people’s lives and this is what our website heartily provides. Love. Positivity. Acceptance. And, a drive to do something. 

If your life were a song or a movie, what would the title be?

“Life is too short. So live it to the fullest.”

One thing you cannot live without?

A smile.

Three words to describe you as a person.

I am- Courageous. Confident. Approachable.

Who’s been rooting for you the most while you’ve been running this race?

My husband, and of course, my family! If everyone has the kind of family I have, then in the flick of an eye, women can be extremely empowered and do wonders in this world.

Ritika is a one-woman-army! She fixes meetings, meets new people, interviews them, writes and publishes them on her website.

However, she claims to not see writing as one of her strongest suits and says that raising a team is more of what she wants to do once the website takes off.

I love my job. I love being on foot, too. It gives me the authentic feeling of being alive and not just living my life. “

What’s one thing you learned the hard way, on your journey?

“I think I trust people too easily. When you are a professional, make sure that you only give trust to the people who deserve it. Of course, that takes time and patience.”

We hope that VamaIndia empowers women, and continues to spread its wings across boundaries.

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