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The Love Story Of This Jaipur Couple In Their Late 70s Will Leave You Teary-Eyed

  • JWB Post
  •  January 7, 2017


How much ‘quality’ time do you spend with your spouse? To know that, we met few Jaipur couples to ask questions that determined the love between them after many years of marriage.

We met the Ghosal family. This elderly duo (Mr. Lokesh & Mrs. Tapati) in their late 70s is one of the most loved couples in their area. Reason? They have so many tales to share and have all the ears for your stories. The couple owns an ice-cream and confectionary shop (obviously, kids love them unconditionally). We met them over not a cup of tea but a ‘brick of chocolate-vanilla ice-cream’!

To begin with, we wanted them to think about their lives. We started our clock’s tick-tock for 2 minutes and made them sit face to face gazing into each other’s eyes. The moment was one of its kinds. Something like this had never happened in their lives ever since they met in 1960s!

We never had to guide them for looking into the eyes; they did it so effortlessly and naturally. As a minute passed by, we saw a tear rolling down Tapati’s cheek. This moment took our breath away and our team stopped our tasks in hand. We found ourselves engrossed in their ‘two-minute’ journey.

JWB: What were you feeling?

Mr. Lokesh: I noticed the wrinkles on her face. She has grown a bit older.

JWB: What have you read in her eyes?

Mr. Lokesh: We don’t look into each other’s eyes for this long. Today was the 1st time and I noticed both sorrow & happiness on her face.

JWB: How much quality time do you spend together?

Mrs. Tapati: Our shop is in our home and we take turns to attend it. We meet during lunch and dinner, and make sure we are eating together.

JWB: Describe the evolution/timeline of your relationship.

Mr. Lokesh: We were total strangers when we met & got married in 1962. Life went on and we had 2 sons. Unfortunately, they are not with us today. Life was normal as I used to go to work and she would take care of the home and joint family. She is well-educated, so she took charge of children’s education.

Mrs. Tapati: Most of my time shuffled between kitchen and kids.

Mr. Lokesh: You know, your Tapati aunty is a very good wife. I don’t remember a single day when she had complained to me about household. She always handled home issues on her own. She was cooperative enough to feel the pressure of work I had.

JWB: So you two never had any argument?

Mrs. Tapati: No.

JWB: Never? Really?

Mrs. Tapati: I don’t remember a single fight between us. Arguments like eating food on time and taking care of the health are our topics of small discussion.

Mr. Lokesh: She is right.

Mrs. Tapati: I am a little blunt & expressive of my feelings, but he never took it otherwise.

JWB: What one thing do you desire you had in your time which young couples these days have?

Mr. Lokesh: Oh, our time was the best. We enjoyed it with our family.

Mrs. Tapati: We have youngsters coming to our shop to buy ice-cream and chocolates for each other. It was definitely different in our time – and expressing the love had a different medium.

JWB: Like?

Mrs. Tapati: I love Rajanigandha flowers.

JWB: And he still surprises you with these beautiful flowers? How cute is that!

Mrs. Tapati: On my every birthday, our wedding anniversary and New Year, he asks the florist to send the bouquet for me.

Mr. Lokesh: And before she knows, our home is filled with the magical fragrance.

JWB: What has kept your relationship so youthful?

Mrs. Tapati: We understand each other like no one does.

Mr. Lokesh: She understands me better.

JWB: Tapati aunty, is there anything in him that you think is too much to handle?

Mrs. Tapati: He is very careless about his health. I tell him to take complete rest but he loves kids and spends most of his time in the shop. After all, at this age health is the only thing we need to look after.

Mr. Lokesh: Ha ha ha.

JWB: And Uncle, do you want to change something in her?

Mr. Lokesh: Because of me, the shop, and few paying guests living in our home; she has lost her freedom. It’s a big responsibility at this age. I feel bad about it. I tell her to go out and visit her favorite people or go out shopping. But, she never listens to me.

Mrs. Tapati: So you are saying I should go out on my own while you stay at home?

Mr. Lokesh: I am old. I cannot go everywhere. She has always loved travelling and eating out. Sadly, it is not possible anymore, at least with me.

JWB: We will plan a day with you aunty to take you out for Jaipur tour & some shopping.

Mrs. Tapati (smiles): I would appreciate that dear.

JWB: And lastly, Lokesh uncle do you have any question for Tapati aunty that you wanted to ask since long but couldn’t?

At that, Mr. Lokesh turned towards his dear wife and looked at her for few seconds before he uttered his question. We were awaiting an emotional question listening to which gave us teary eyes.

Mr. Lokesh: Tapati, will you go to Calcutta with me to spend our remaining life with family there?

And we were waiting for a moving answer.

Mrs. Tapati: No.


Mr. Lokesh: See, I have been asking her this question for quite many years now but she is so adamant.

Mrs. Tapati: I love Jaipur.

Mr. Lokesh: So do I.

Mrs. Tapati: And we have so many memories of this city. I am not going anywhere.

Mr. Lokesh: Ah, I give up every single time. She is the wife, you see.

JWB: Tapati aunty, you have the final words in this conversation. Say something for our readers.

Mrs. Tapati: Never show the world your unhappiness. Even if you are sad, share it with close ones, and not every person you meet. We don’t do that. It helps in staying strong.

We roger that. Much love to this couple. We took their blessings and promised to visit soon. After all, who wants to miss an ice-cream treat & sugary talks?

This article appeared on October 11th, 2014.

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