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German Photographer Shows A Homeless Dog Its Real Potential

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  •  April 12, 2016


German photographer Julia Marie Werner photographing in Spain and that’s when spotted something rather cute. A homeless street dog hunting for food in her garage! Aww.

While other obviously shunned him, she saw him as a gorgeous little lion and decided to share what she felt was his perfect reflection.

“He already looked like Simba to me,” Julia told Bored Panda. “And I am a big Lion King Fan. A friend of mine had some fabric left over so one afternoon we stitched the mane together.”

The dog’s called Tschikko Leopold von Werner (Fancy).

In the beginning, he was very insecure,” said Julia. “Someone who knows a lot about dogs told me the best thing is “working“ with him and teaching him some tricks. He loves jumping on things and using the mane. The picture is both a game and teamwork between us.”

“Everybody takes pictures of him,” said Julia. “Little kids often ask me if he is a real lion!”


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