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Komal Panwar


Here’s How Team JWB & Jaipur Men Turned Gangaur Into Gangor-geous

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  •  April 9, 2016


Happy Gangaur!

Not many of us know about the festival. Gangaur is majorly celebrated in Rajasthan, Gujrat, West Bengal & Madhya Pradesh. As the other festivals of India, Gangaur is also a colorful one. Women collect at one place and sing songs for the well-being and long lives of the men in their house. They take the names of five generations of men & sing songs for them facing dough-made Shiva & Parvati idols.

But, JWB pledged to do something different. We invited three men, a married, an engaged, and a single fellow, and discussed the generations of women in their lives. The motive of the campaign was to generate gratitude and appreciation towards them.

The troop was to collect at Mr. Singleton’s (Karn Pratap Khunteta) residence.

We were shortly joined by the engaged gentleman, Kshitiz Kalani. And while waiting for the Married (Sonal Jain), the other two seemed to be encumbered with a visible fear, as soon as I hinted the involvement of props.

Kshitiz shifted in his chair, and Karn surrendered saying, “I don’t know anything about Gangaur.”

Their continuous efforts to peek into my prop basket failed, and Sanchit did his best to keep them distracted.

We proceeded towards Karn’s beautiful courtyard, where the patio chairs diligently waited.

Mr. Married Man, Sonal, was finally there to impart some wisdom to his newfound chele. Yessir, I’m referring to Karn & Kshitiz.

As I began with my questions, Sonal, having participated with us in No Shave November, seemed to be the only calm one.

Me: Gangaur remembers generations of men in the family. Let us, today, pray for the longevity of the females in our family. Can you tell me the names of four generations of women in your family?

Seeing the nervousness on his face, of course, I began with Kshitiz.

Kshitiz: The youngest is my Tauji’s daughter Khushi followed by Anita bhabhi, Mom, and my Grandmother Gyarsi Devi.

Karn: Um, my sister Surbhi, mom, my Grandmother Smt. Durgawati & Great-grandmother Kokila.

Me: Out of all the women in your life, who is the most inspirational one?

Karn & Kshitiz: My mom.

Mothers are every child’s favorite, of course!

Sonal: My naani. She is very inspiring. She’s the one responsible for managing all finances, and being the backbone of her family.

Me: Share one story that your Grandmother always told you.

Kshitiz: I can’t think of any. I don’t think it ever happened.

Karn: Likewise.

Sonal: Not stories but my granny used to sing ‘dedh ka pahaada’ (multiples of one and a half) to me. However, I don’t remember it.

Stories of our childhood are the most fascinating and magical!

Me: Share one incident where the women of your house punished you and one where they have rewarded you.

Karn: When my mom ignored me, it was the worst punishment. I remember once, I’d wrapped chewing gum around my sister’s Rapunzel-length hair, and when it refused to come off, I chopped them off. Mom didn’t speak to me for days.

Rapunzel-length hair, OMG! Mr. Singleton, there’s a deluxe spot reserved for you in Hell!

Karn: Best thing my mom has gifted me is my Vegas trip.

Kshitiz: The best thing my mom has gifted me is my fiancé, Neha.


Sonal: When my mom says to everyone that my son is the best, that’s really my perfect reward.

Awwww. Alright, I better stop ‘aww’ing.

Me: What’s the first prayer your mother taught you?

Kshitiz: (After thinking for two minutes) Gayatri Mantra!

Karn: Namokar Mantra!

Sonal: Itni shakti hume de na data!

Me: What will you pray for all the women in your life?

Karn: I want them to be emotionally, mentally and physically healthy forever. I want to pray for their happiness.

Sonal: They’ve seen so many bad phases in their lives that I think none of them should face. I just pray that they never have to see such phases again. And even if they do, I wish strength for them.

Kshitiz: Apart from their happiness, I want all the women in my life, to be the same, how they are, not an inch here or there. They are perfect the way they are!

Me: Let’s rapidly move to the rapid fire round, and now you’ll be able to use the props.

At this point, Kshitiz was  almost dancing with excitement, and out popped the three kinds of Emoji faces: Confused, Happy & Angry.

To their relief, it wasn’t scary at all. Their body language seemed to ease down a bit. Don’t worry dear Jaipur Men, JWB will not slaughter you!

Me: Let’s begin! Imagine you’re kids again and then answer these questions.

Like little kids, three of them nodded their heads.

Me: Your mother says “bring some water for the guests”. What is your expression?

Me: Your sister complained about you to your mother, and then she asked you to apologize. What would your reaction be?

Me: Do you clean your wardrobe?

Kshitiz said he does it but not happily! Aw

All three of them? Hmm. Impressive & embarrassed (I never did it as a child. Eeeee.)

Me: Ever forged your mother’s signature?

All of them here, too? Great, we have something in common!

Kshitiz: I was in class sixth, and used to score terribly, so needless to say, I never got my test copy signed by dad! But then, I started scoring well and decided to show him the copy. He flipped the pages, and I was DEAD!

Greed, Mr. Engaged, greed!

Me: Would you keep a fast for your wife’s long life?

Karn: See, I don’t have a woman in my life, yet. So, it depends!

Hmmm, depends…

Kshitiz: I would if she’d want!

Sonal: I would if she’d want, too!

Men will be men!

Me: Okay, my final question. How often do you thank and appreciate the women in your life.

Sonal: I did it when my wife delivered my daughter in the Labor room, I said it to her then and there.

Awwwwwww X 10000

But, when was the last time you did it?

In unison: Not too often. They know, we are thankful!

Me: What if they don’t? But when you say it to them, their strength doubles, and I guarantee you, it is fuel to their happiness. Do it as much as you can.

Because appreciation & gratitude are the perfect way of telling the women in your life that you love them. Today, we took the Gangaur festival to a different level, and celebrated this festival with a different angle, remembering and talking about the generations of women in our lives. And it was…






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