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Jayati Godhawat

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HOD At A Prestigious Jaipur School, Rupall Khullar Quits To Follow Her Dreams

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  •  November 4, 2016


C-scheme being my favorite “adda,” I came across this beautiful colored building, named, . Though art is definitely not my forte, I was enticed by its outer beauty so much that I decided to check it out some day.

Chaveesh (our photographer) and I walked into the fort like Art Forte (sorry, that was lame AF) and met its founder Rupall Khullar.

The first thing Rupall asked me was, “Do you also paint or sketch?”

And, I announced, “I can’t draw a straight line even using a ruler.” (Yeah, it was embarrassing and I saw Chaveesh lol-ing at me…. Hmm!)

I quickly changed the topic and asked Rupall about her creative life more.

“I started Art Forte in 2013 after I quit my job at Jayshree Periwal International School. I had been working at the school for seven years and was the head of the Art Department.”

Intrigued, I enquired further, “So, why did you leave the job?”

“You know Jayati, there comes a saturation point and being an artist, you always want to grow. Of course, I liked my job, Jayshree Ma’am was always supportive, but I wasn’t doing anything to add up to my skills. Plus, I was also pursuing Ph.D. in Visual Arts, and it became difficult to manage both the things,” explained Rupall.

Me: When did your interest in art develop?

Rupall: My nanaji was an artist. He came from Peshawar and settled in Dehradun. I was born in Dehradun and spent much time with him. There are many temples in Mathura where you can still see his work on the walls. He used to hand me the brushes and colors to play. So, I believe that’s when I picked on the fancy to art.

And, it’s actually a funny story as to how I decided that I wanted to make an art career. I had watched Titanic and the scene where Jack painted Rose stuck with me, and I realized, this is what I wanna do. Then, I went to Los Angeles, U.S. and did Bachelors in Fine Arts.

Me: So what’s your Art Forte? (pun intended)

Rupall: *laughs* Figurative paintings. My forte is Buddhist Paintings. I am an ardent believer of Buddhism. So, I love painting Buddha on my canvas.

We spotted many beautiful Buddha paintings in her institute.

Me: How did you come up with the idea of Art Forte?

Rupall: I wanted to create a space in the city where students can make art through concepts and not just art which looks beautiful. At Art forte, we work based on the ideas and a line of thought. We help students prepare portfolios for design schools in India and abroad. We have various art courses and also do interior projects on order.

Me: So, how did you arrange for funds?

Rupall: I started out with small saving. Before this area, the Institute was in the basement of this building. And, guess what? The floor was not smooth, and so we racked our creative brains and used jute sacks to cover the whole floor artistically.

Wow! *thinking about my creative streak which doesn’t exist*

Rupall also shared with me that she has an 11-year-old daughter who cribs to Rupall for not giving her enough ‘mommy-time.’

“Sometimes, we work on Sundays, too, and that’s when my daughter comes up to me and says with a puppy face, “Mummy you don’t have time for me.”

“Ph.D., Art Forte, and a mother! How do you juggle everything?” astounded, I asked Rupall.

Not to boast, but I have always been a multitasker. Also, I give myself deadlines and try to stick to it which makes it possible to manage all of it,” Rupall said.

“So, what’s the next thing that you wanna paint?” I probed further.

“In Ph.D., I am closely studying Amrita Sher Gil and Frida Kahlo and I am inspired by them so much. They were feminists in the times where no one talked about it. It takes courage to paint yourself on the canvas and that too, fearlessly and boldly. I also want to portray my life through a painting. But, right now, I am hesitant. Someday, fingers crossed,” she said, smiling.

“Also, I want to open a school in Kukas where I have spent most of my childhood. There’s no private English Medium school there and the students have to go to Amer every day. So, yeah, that’s on my list of to-do things, too,” Rupall added further.

Later, Rupall also took us on the round of her beautiful institute cum gallery and I so wished that I could also draw something like this someday. And, the slant line drawn using a ruler flashed across my mind. 


P.S.- If you want art to be your forte, you can contact Rupall Khullar on +91-9799075179.

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