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Sons Should Be The Only Ones Taking Care Of Their Parents. Agree Or Disagree?

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  •   October 22, 2016


I’ve never understood the concept of only sons taking care of their parents. Why is it a responsibility that only they have to take upon themselves? Does the girl not have parents? Or are they just not as important?

This could be one of the reasons why people want to have a son cuz he’s their “budhaape ka sahaara.” The highest court of the land recently delivered a verdict of a pending divorce case.

The court said that the woman had been forcing her husband to leave his parents. And, how does this feeling go away when a woman leaves her parents and comes to live with her in-laws?

This is a tradition that has carried on for such a long time, that it is no longer unethical for a woman to not take responsibility of her parents.

What do you have to say about that?

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