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Komal Panwar


How To Figure If You’re Being Ogled At Through A Two Way Mirror

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  •  January 28, 2016


Shopping is almost every girl’s weakness. But, sometimes we get carried away and forget that there are lerchers all over the place. Eww.

From the corners of their eye…every move you make, every step you take… they’ll be watching you.

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They are the creepiest around dressing rooms, if you know what I mean. Do you remember how Smriti Irani busted a Fab India store having a camera? Two way mirrors are the new way for the disgusting sacks to feed themselves with some ‘action’. Dude, get some free porn off the internet, and spare us, please. Ugh.

South Park tv show confused comedy central huh

Here are some ways in which you can figure out if you’ve been bluffed and stripped against a two way mirror.

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Peer through the mirror

Two way mirrors are coated with tinted mirror and allow some light to pass through. Press your face against the mirror and block the light with your hands, if you can see through, you need to find a new place to shop.

Torch Test

Such mirrors work best with maximum light when the trial room is well lit. Turn of its lights, and switch your phone’s torch light on.  The flashlight will make the observation room visible from the trial room.

Observe The mirror

You can check if the mirror is hanging on the wall or fitted. If it’s hanging, you can take a peek behind it, however, if it is fitted, you know how to check it.

Tap on the mirror

A genuine mirror sounds dull and flat on being knocked. A two way mirror has a hollow and sustaining sound.

Girls, beware, and more importantly, be smart.

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