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Saloni Jain

JWB Intern

i-Parent: Shivam Teaches Online Shopping To Mom & Adds-to-Cart Lots Of Fun

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  •  June 1, 2016


We met a son and his mother, as the third pair participating in our campaign iParent celebrating Global Day of Parents (June 1).

Shivam Jaju and his mother, Radha Jaju, welcomed us with some awesome cold coffee.

Mrs. Jaju told proudly, “Shivam is a very sincere student. He had mostly scored 10 on 10 in his unit-tests.”

Shivam said, “That’s because of the mini-tests you prepared before the unit tests for me. And thanks to those 100 bucks we got on scoring full marks. LOL.

You know what! My mom even used to tie the belt and fix buttons of my school uniform beforehand. I just had to slip in my uniform and voila!”

Mrs. Jaju, “Because everything is better when it is systematic.”

*Mothers of lazy kids who are usually late for school, are you reading?*

Shivam’s first task was to teach his mom how to use Facebook. Shivam explained everything in detail to her, and she began sending friend requests to her relatives.

Her phone immediately rang and it was Shivam’s mama (maternal uncle). He jokingly said that Mrs. Jaju had time to use Facebook but not call him. He-he!

Shivam ordered, “Call mama later, first do your homework!”

Errrr.. Facebook is a distraction not only for the kids, after all.

Later, Mrs. Jaju was excited to learn how to book a cab using an app and even exclaimed it was necessary and useful, too. And to everyone’s surprise, Uber was already installed on her phone. Thanks to the free rides offered by Uber!

Mrs. Jaju being a keen learner, “Destination issi mein hi daalte hai ya driver ko batate hai?”

Shivam solved her queries and told her that the cab booked can be tracked for safety purposes. To which she replied instantly, “Ab mai tujhe track karungi aur mujhe pata chal jaega tu kahaan-kahaan jaata hai.”

Shivam face turned blue, “Haan maa! Kar lena.”

Mrs. Jaju feeling like a boss, “This is good!”

Next thing to be taught was to shop online. Shivam instructed her how to open an account and then told her that she could use ‘filter’ to select from her favorite jewelry-types, stones used and colors!

She selected a beautiful pendant for herself from the e-retail website of Jewels of Jaipur and demanded Shivam to gift it to her this Global Day of Parents.

Mrs. Jaju’s last task was to upload a selfie on Facebook with her son. Shivam demonstrated her, the right angle to click a selfie.

After 3 failed attempts, when she finally clicked a picture that Shivam loved, he patted her back and squealed, “Shabaash!”



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