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Saloni Jain

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iParent: Anvita’s Mother Gets Punished For WhatsApping During Class

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  •  June 1, 2016


Remember the time when you did not know how to hold a pencil and your parents made endless efforts to make it happen?

The time when their incessant patience helped you learn how to write? And that scolding you got when you did not do your homework properly? Yes, I am referring to the initial and tormenting days of school.

Well, it’s time to reverse the roles and teach our parents something they consider to be as tough as climbing Everest! Don’t you ever want to parent your parents sometimes? Teach them a few things? Give them a little bashing (for the chuckles)?

I bet, most of the parents like my mom struggle with using the internet without any hesitation for simple tasks like booking a cab, or shopping online, or booking tickets. Isn’t it?

And it really would be so amazing to sing roke se na ruke hu.. marzi se chale hum..baadal sa garje hum..sawan sa barse chale hum..’ while our parents prepare to become our students.
Fatefully, we’ve found that 1st June’ 16 is Global Day of Parents and thought it to be the perfect occasion for switching roles to introduce our new campaign ‘iParent.’

Adding remarks in red, scolding distracted parents, and explaining them everything from A to Z is something no child would miss out on.

We approached Anvita Singh, our Social Media Manager, and her mother Mrs. Shakuntala Singh, to participate in iParent; and our conspiracy began!

Mrs. Singh knows everything from cooking good food, handling two huge dogs to teaching her kids. But internet wasn’t her forte! And it was Anvita’s wish to teach her something she hadn’t known.

So we casually barged into Anvita’s house, and were greeted by two huge dogs: Django and Neo. And errr..Sanchit and I were trying to break through the wall as Django, the massive wolf-dog, was UNCHAINED!

Our concentration levels deviated as the colorful snacks and mango shake demanded our undivided attention. We came back to our senses when Mr. Django barked. I secretly think it was Anvita’s command.

Anvita handed her mom JWB’s homework diary which had three tasks for her super-mom:
1. Online shopping.
2. Using navigation.
3. Downloading an app.

Anvita’s face lit up as she finally got to teach her first teacher, her mom. And evidently, Mrs. Shakuntala Singh was more than enthused. I’m assuming that Mrs. Singh must have been a topper in her childhood as she was a noticeably sincere and a curious student! And with those spectacles on, she looked even keener to learn.
“Kya mujhe daat bhi padegi agar mai koi galti karoongi toh?” Mrs. Singh laughed.
“Hannji! Kyu nahi!” Anvita said in a serious tone.

Anvita’s dad joked “Jisne khudne kabhi padhai nahi ki hai, ab wo homework karwaegi.”
When we asked her to download an app, we found that she had almost every app on her phone, which however, had been added by the phone waale bhaiya. So, her task was to now find one app that was missing from her list of apps. She downloaded the NDTV app on her phone.

Now, you can keep track of the news whenever you want, mom!” Anvita seriously explained.

She touched the screen, swiped it left and right, and then her NDTV app popped open. Anvita’s mother had an accomplished expression on her face and we were glad to have helped her with it.

They flipped the pages of the homework diary and stopped to note down their second task for the day. It was time to learn using the GPS.

Her mother opened the maps and tried to point a finger at the exact location where they were standing.

“Where do you want to go now, mom? Enter your destination!” Anvita said, like a stern teacher.

Her mother was psyched! She instantly said “I want to go to World Trade Park!” And, she entered the destination on her phone.


In the meantime, the Django Unchained stared at us from behind the jaali door and almost sang, “every move you take, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you!”

See I’m not scared of Dogger-in-chief, cuz she’s a little puppy, but this one’s a frickin’ dire wolf in the form of a German Shepherd.

I found my way back to Task three. Hmm, this one is everyone’s favorite. Anvita was now going to teach her mother how to do “Online Shopping”, but guess I wasn’t the only one who was distracted!
“Kitna distract ho rahi ho aap WhatsApp se. Anvita exclaimed.

“Teaching is not as easy as making halwa-poori, Beta! Do you remember how melodramatic you were?” Aunty said in her defense.

“Yea, yea! BTW, making halwa-poori is only easy for you!

Mrs. Singh scrolled through the website of Jewels of Jaipur to find herself a nice ring. She was already getting better at being tech-savvy.

Anvita prompted, “What do you want for the Global Day of Parents?”

“Ohh! Buy me this red stone wali ring from Jewels of Jaipur …” Mrs. Singh casually demanded, still browsing through numerous and variant ring collections. “Or maybe this one!” She seemed confused.

Anvita holding a confused face, was calculating on her fingers, “Sure! Mom.”

And that’s how the literal Parent-teacher meeting ended! Anvita didn’t let her off easy. Before the class ended, the two took a few selfies, and Anvita scribbled her remarks in Mrs. Singh’s diary, after drawing two stars, “Student did well but, was distracted by WhatsApp! Good!!”, and signing off.




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One thought on “iParent: Anvita’s Mother Gets Punished For WhatsApping During Class

  1. 'Dr Shakuntala Singh

    It was such a wonderful experience for me on the eve of Global Parents Day!!!!!
    Thanks to Jaipur Women’s Blog team for the such an innovative idea to celebrate Global Parents Day.
    Thanks God who blessed me with daughter like Anvita😊😊
    She is better teacher than me and no doubt very cool😊
    It was a great learning experience!!!!
    I liked it and enjoyed it..👌👌


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