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It’s Here! Gymnast Gabby Douglas Gets Her Own Barbie!

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  •  July 12, 2016


Gymnast Gabby Douglas is currently as happy as a five-year-old.

The champion is gearing up for the Rio 2016 and guess who is her lucky charm? The Barbie herself!

wow mila kunis barbie hair braid

source: giphy.com

And not just any Barbie, the talented woman has got a Barbie that represents her…..that looks exactly like her!

During an interview with PEOPLE, she said, “I’m so excited. My older sister and I used to play with Barbies and create these dramatic fantasy stories, so it’s such a huge honor.” 

I’m excited to be debuting my @Barbie Shero doll! Let’s continue to break barriers and dream big Girls! #YouCanBeAnything #Shero

A photo posted by Gabby Douglas (@gabbycvdouglas) on

She expressed that children playing with her doll will take away her number-one lesson for young women and men: ‘Stay true to yourself, and go after your dreams.’

She said, “Be yourself and really embrace your inner beauty and your true talent. Believe in yourself. Never let anyone tell you you can’t do something when you can.”

Isn’t all this so cute? Psst.

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