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Aashi Sogani

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Jaipur Girls, ‘Push Up’ Your Spirits For Some Intimate Shopping!

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  •  January 19, 2016


Go on, dig in further to find out!

One of the most loved Lingerie brands, Amante, is all set to debut in our very own ‘gulabi’ City, tomorrow at World Trade Park! Happy Dance?  

All you ladies out there, save the date ‘cause it’s time for some lingerie shopping honey!

Okay, I know you guys are beaming with excitement and all curious, but before we get to the business, give your fantasies a break, ’cause I have a confession to make.

Coming out of a store with that fabulous pair of inner buddies, with a fabulous fit, is a luxury which every girl dreams about! Pink, blush, magenta, fuchsia, crimson… you see your pretty BFFs hung right there and delighted you enter into the world of confusion! What to pick, what not to pick! Is it the right fit? Is it too tight?

Is it the ONE? Blah.. blah.. blah..!

Sometimes it is a gawky bhaiya looking stupidly at you; sometimes the awkwardness just hits you in the stomach as you crash out of the store feeling defeated. Sisters, nod your head in unison if think lingerie shopping is a rocket science!

Our chirpy bloggers at JWB comes to your rescue and have some interesting insights to share.

Komal: Be brave people. Experiment a lot. Follow trends like neon, floral, polka dots, etc.

Lavanya: Be playful in your choice with splashes of color here and there. Pushups, underwires should be embraced by girls readily! *Ahan*

Jayati: Ladies, please let it all be natural! Seamless bras should be your best friends. No seam, no show!

Ruchika: I confess that presence of male sales person makes it awkward to shop, and I believe that buyers should be more expressive regarding their choice, style and should not shy away.

Me: Just go for the right fit. Pleassseeeeee, this is above everything!

Ana: Don’t just own one pair. Keep aside a particular style for each type of dress.      

Hmm. The lady clan sure made some valid points!

This brings us to the curtain raiser of the day:

‘Amante’ is all set to launch its first store in Jaipur, at World Trade Park on 20th January 2016.


As Sophie Kinsella beautifully said in ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic,’ ‘ When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not and I need to do it again.’

Paramount Movies film 90s mtv style clueless


Phew! Let’s join hands in making the world a better place again! *Evil Grin*


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