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JWB Reads From The Diary Of Manpreet About Empowering Local Artisans

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  •  November 9, 2016


Thak. Thak. Thak. I hear that sound often as and when there’s construction going around in our colony. In fact, Blogger Mansi is pretty sure that every day between 4 and 5 pm, there is a prominent Thak Thak Thak under her seat.

Well,  Mansi, it’s probably us, we’re constantly going Thak. Thak. Thak. on our keyboards. Today, I met another girl who loves and hears that sound on a regular basis. Meet Manpreet Singh, a Furniture and Interior Design Graduate who has found a way of empowering the local artisans.

Of Scholarships & Projects

I started painting when I was 10, and so even after opting for Science as my primary subject in High School, I decided to take up Interior and Furniture designing. I received a scholarship by Merit in Germany, and I have to tell you, it was very challenging.

Though what kept me cozy and comforted about Germany was the cold weather. I was lucky, though since my faculty was fascinated by Bollywood. They asked me to take up a Bollywood-related theme, and so we chose Jodha Akbar.

A Necessary Mistake

It was when we were given three days to complete a wood sculpting project. I had a lot on my mind that I could do, but I didn’t well acknowledge the fact that I only had a chisel. We were in the middle of a village, and the design I had on mind required much more time and tools.

Yeah, I made a mistake and it turned out very different from what I’d expected. It made me realize that everything you plan doesn’t exactly turn out how you want it to be.

Employing Local Artisans

I design handcrafted luxury stationery. Handcrafted is expensive for a reason. The time and hard work that go into creating something with intricate detailing are inexplicable. It is art. We make sure that the local artisans that work with us get paid as per their needs. I make sure to train the artisans properly before they began working for me.

Though I’m not the kind of person who’d stock stationery, the smell of paper fascinates me.

Making Use Of Waste Wood

A lot of manufacturing units end up throwing away the wood that is left over after they make furniture. I used leftover wood to create stationery out of them. My goal is to get better but also give back in return.

I remember when I was a kid, I’d watch Art Attack and paint a lot. The maximum furniture I made was trying to build a kennel for my dog.

One Painting She’d Like To Replicate Someday

Starry Nights by Vincent Van Gogh

After a lovely conversation and a piece of homemade chocolate cake, we heard a fading away Tak Tak Tak, as we left.

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